Plitvice Lakes Of Croatia

Stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in Lika in Croatia. Park is surrounded by three mountains: Pleshevitsa, Mala Kapela and Medvedak. ​​These mountains are part of the Dinaric Alps.At Plitvice plateau there are 16 blue and green Plitvice lakes, separated by natural dams.

Air Tsunami

This is just incredible! This is the air tsunami, which appeared before a storm the other night. Very impressive and very beautiful. The pictures were taken by some extremes, who miraculously got close enough to film the scene.

Ashton Kutcher’s Villa On Wheels

Ashton Kutcher’s villa on wheels, the two storey, 53ft long, 30 ton luxury home is mostly used by his wife Demi Moore. When people speak of it they never insult this moto-wonder with the word ‘trailer’, but refer to is as a ‘mobile estate’

: !! Beautiful Views !!

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