Awkward Water Zorbing

See a set of pics and a video of how a girl is fighting to master water zorbing.

Awesome Contact Lenses

This is a collection of unusual, scary, and awesome contact lenses. There are cat’s eyes, spider web, but also the expensive ones, golden. Here is how they look like when you put them on.

Cute Baby Animals

These are the sweetest and cutest photos of animals and their babies.

Dynamic Photography By Asit

Photographer Asit takes dynamic pictures, capturing the movement in its peak. There is not much about this guy on the Internet, except his marvelous photos and the fact that he is from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

The Largest Modelling Balloon Spider in the World

Adam Lee is the master of modelling balloon sculptures. His giant spider helped him to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest balloon sculpture ever created by a single artist. This spider is made of 3000 balloons.

Interesting Facts about Everything

Out Of This World Coral Photography

Nature is a superb way of finding natural and unique inspiration. It refreshes our mind and gives us something to think about in new and exciting ways. I’m a huge fan of character illustration, especially monsters and aliens. 

Dan Wheldon's Last Crash

This is so sad. Indy champion Dan Wheldon died after a terrible 225 mph (360 km/h) crash in Las Vegas. Here are photos and videos of the crash. R.I.P GREAT MAN.

The 1% Call for Wealth Redistribution to the 99%

Trust fund kids and others born into wealth all over the country created these pointed and detailed signs about being taxed more. Read their pleas for more equal distribution of money so that the rest of the people can survive and have a better life.

What Happened to This Young Woman?

Something went terribly wrong with this young Vietnamese woman.

“Original” Tourist Photos

Another collection of photos where all the tourists make the same type of photos.

MadPals PicDump - Part 166

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Some Funny Pics to relax ur mind -)

Some Funny Pics to relax ur mind -)

There, I Fixed It :: Part - 25

Some people like to apply homemade fixes and jury rig things because they are too lazy or don’t have the money.  These pictures focus on the sad white trash of the world that are proud repairmen.

Funny Apple iPhone Siri Responses

The new iPhone 4S’s personal assistant Siri lets you ask it questions and it actually responds. Check out these funny responses that writer Rosa Golijan posed to her new phone.

Time is Changed.......

Daily Gifdump

Funny Animals - Part - 68

Demotivators Picdump

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

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