The world is full of strange creatures. From vertebrates to invertebrates, there are many creatures on the earth that are unlike any other. Here we are presenting 15 creatures, in no particular order, that definitely stand out as extraordinary.

King Vulture

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Vultures are usually seen as dull, ugly, black birds. The King Vulture, however, is a colorful creature. Its body is white on the top and black on the bottom, while its head is covered with colors ranging from red, orange and yellow to blue and purple. It also has a wattle on its head. They do not have a voice box, but they still can make low noises. According to Mayan mythology, these birds were themessengers of the gods. And when you look at one, you can see why.

Japanese Spider Crab

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The largest living Arthropod, this huge crab has legs that can reach up to 4 meters (13 feet) in length and 20 kilograms (44 pounds) in weight! They are also said to live up to a hundred years. Enjoy your nightmares!

Sea Spiders

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These spider-like creatures live in various depths of marine bodies. Their most notable characteristic, other than their habitat, is their huge legs (at least compared to their bodies). They have no respiratory system: instead, they use diffusion to survive. The largest of these belong to the Colossendeis colossea species.

Whip Scorpions

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These frightening Arachnids have large pedipalps (pincers) and a “whip” at the end of their abdomen. More notably, these creatures can spray various chemicalsfrom their abdomen, including formic acid (CH2O2), chlorine, and a mixture of acetic acid (C2H4O2) and octanoic acid (C8H16O2), depending on the species. The last spray has a vinegar-like smell, hence their alternate name, “Vinegarroons”. Similar creatures include Whip Spiders (also known as Tailess Whip Scorpions) and Micro Whip Scorpions.

Water Bears

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These tiny, caterpillar-like creatures are some of the most amazin creatures in existence. They can live practically anywhere, from hot springs to arctic regions. More amazingly, these things can enter a cryonic state that makes them almost impervious to environmental hazards. They can briefly survive temperatures of over 150 degrees Celsius as well as near-absolute zero temperatures. They can withstand massive pressures, radiation, and even the deadly vacuum of space. Their metabolism also grinds to a near halt. They are most frequently found on mosses, lichens, and other damp places.

Giraffe Weevil

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As you might expect, these weevils have a long, slender neck (only the males have this long neck, though). These long necks help the weevils in building nests. They are also quite colorful, being mostly black with a red body.

Railway line construction in ceylon in 18th century

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