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Urban legends staring couples

Almost everyone loves a good urban legend. The endless discussions trying to work out whether the bizarre little tales are myth or fact is part of the appeal, and here are ten stories about couples to debate over with the one you love.
1.Yes together ,at the same time
The Myth: A couple presents a puzzling problem to a fertility clinic. Both of them are in their 30’s, and are in perfect health. There is no reason the doctors can find which would keep them from having the children they desire. That was until an inquisitive nurse started asking the pair questions and discovered the truth. Despite being well-educated bothman and wife grew up in very religious households and neither had ever been given ‘the talk’. Being completely in the dark about how to do the deed, they’d thought all they had to do was turn out the lights and lie next to each to get the hoped for offspring. This legend is usually told with a happy ending in which the couple manages to produce progeny after the doctors drew some helpful pictures and launched them on their way.

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2. Is "Bali" break up island
The Myth: If you go to Bali as a couple you won’t stay that way when you return. Unmarried couples who frolic in the sand and surf will be cursed and break up when they come back from the trip according to this urban legend. If you goremember to take lots of pictures since all you might have soon are merely memories of this particular relationship

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3.Scary and grisly so beware before reading
The Myth: One of the scariest tales of couple lore is an oldie. This urban legend has been around so long your grandpa might have heard it as a warning the first time he asked his parents for the car keys. The story goes a young couple parked in a secluded area one night to have a little quiet time alone. In seconds this turned into a passionate make out session when the girl pushed her boyfriend away claiming to hear some spooky sounds. Thinking to calm her down he tries to start the old clunker of a car he’s driving. It won’t turn over and he remembers to his embarrassment that the gas gauge needle was stuck on half a tank. He knew now that it must be bone dry.

Knowing there was gas station just a few miles down the road he told his nervous girlfriend to lock the doors, keep the windows up, and he’d be right back. After thirty minutes the girl is even more nervous when she hears a muffled noise. She looks frantically around, straining to see outside with the windows of the car still rolled up, but all she sees is darkness. There’s a sound on the roof like a sudden gush of water then silence. After a few seconds, the frightened young woman begins to hear a light tap…tap…tap on the roof of the car. She looked frantically around again and wonders if she shouldn’t get out and just have a quick look around, but nerves win out over her curiosity. She spends the next hours until dawn listening to the steady tapping and wondering why her boyfriend would leave her in this predicament. Surely, he knew her parents would be angry or what the other kids would say about the pair being out this late.

Finally, as the sun comes up, she sees a police officer walk cautiously up and stops a few feet away from the car. She rolls the window down and tells him her story in a timid voice. She doesn’t understand why the officer is just staring at her the way he is, so she asks if perhaps he hasn’t seen her boyfriend on the road. She’s afraid he might have gotten lost on the way back to the car as this is the only explanation she can think of, but the cop doesn’t response immediately. As if he is in a daze himself, he gestures for her to get out the car and come toward him. “Don’t look back at the car,” he tells her sternly, “just walk over here quickly.” She does as she’s told, but once she reaches the safety of the police officer’s side, she can’t resist whirling around looking back at her boyfriend’s vehicle, and begins to scream. She can see the source of the tapping sound is actually the steady dripping of her boyfriend’s blood. His body is hanging by a chain from the tree next to the car and his throat has been savagely slashed.

Later, after her recovery from the nervous breakdown brought on by the events of that horrible night, she finds it was her parents who called the police when just a few minutes after she left for her faithful date, they learned a mental patient escaped from the local mental hospital.

The chances of this story being true are nil, but it makes a great yarn for the campfire or any dark night.

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The Myth: Every time a happy couple ties the night and the event is celebrated by tossing rice at the departing pair birds die. The legend goes birds will swoop in to chow down on the grains of rice, which will expand in their hungry little bird tummies causing them to explode. It is a great legend, but poor science. When birds are full they quit eating. When things go wrong, they do exactly what people do—they vomit the offending material up. There’s no reason though why birds can’t eat rice. Chances are good this urban legend was started by a cleaning crew really tired of having to sweep up the tiny grains after every wedding.

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5.A hook,a car  and a girl hoe romantic
Just as old as the tap…tap…tap story and very similar is that tale of the two teenagers who go out one night and park in a wooded, deserted area to do a little necking. They leave the radio on, and a news flash warns that a murder has just escaped police custody. A man in his late forties has just killed several people for no reason. The man is considered desperate, possible mad and very dangerous. The killer is described as short, but very strong and has a hook for a right hand. The boy doesn’t think the story should concern them, but the girl is terrified and convinced she keeps hearing noises just outside her door. The boy frustrated and angry finally shoves the car into gear and takes off suddenly. He’s so mad he doesn’t say another word to the girl while driving her back home, but being a proper gentleman once there he gets out planning to open her car door. When he reaches her side of the car strange expression spreads across his features, and he falls in dead faint. Frantically the girl screams for her parents who run outside and help try to revive the young man. The father’s attention is soon distracted by something, and he points to the car door asking his daughter what that strange object is hanging off the passenger’s side door handle. The girltakes a closer look and screams some once more this time for the police. Hanging from the door handle is the murder’s hook.
Again, this story is not likely true, but it is a good spooky tale to tell.

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6.If you find it keep that address
The Myth: Couples attending schools around the country are told there is a house someplace nearby the college where they can find an orgy. The only people who have fun with this urban legend are the seniors who like having the campus suddenly much less crowded for awhile.

Terrifying Fish – Wanna Eat

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Houses From Bottles

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Breathtaking Night Photos of Las Vegas and New York 4

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