Cosplayers at 2011 Comic-Con

How do average fans of comic books look like? We can assure you that their portraits are multifarious and diverse, especially every time they go at Comic-Con events. You can judge for yourself after the jump.

The Most Unusual Coins

These are some of the most unusual coins that you will ever see. They come from different places around the world, some of which you may have never heard of.

Cameroon, 2011, 1000 Francs

Some Amazing Products

Someone is always thinking and coming up with these incredible new products. These products are simple yet incredibly useful.

61 Year Old Granny Looks Like 30

She is 61, but no one would guess her age at the first sight. Susan Johnson is a granny, living a quiet family life in Colchester in Essex, UK. While her friends are trying all the products for rejuvenation, she is in no need for expensive products and esthetic surgeries.

Amazing Pen Drawings

I am sure that even if you get Faber-Castell Pitt Artists' Drawing Pen you will not be able to create such incredible drawings in such an amazing way. The video inside this post will take your breath away.

Famed San Francisco Fog

Fog famously blankets San Francisco in the summer when hot inland temperatures create a low-pressure zone over Northern California’s Central Valley. The hot inland air rises and the heavier cold ocean air rushes in to replace it. This flow from the high to the low pressure zone pulls the fog through the Golden Gate passage and into the Bay.

Pets With Disabilities By Carli Davidson

You probably remember Carli Davidson’s last project Dogs In Motion making its debut all over the internet. This time she brings us another cute project entitled “Pets with Disabilities”. “There was this totally beautiful German shepherd in a wheelchair playing fetch with its owner. It was so happy, a dog doing what dogs do, totally undeterred by its disability.”- says Carli. This event haunted Carli for weeks until she had the idea of ​​telling their story, to show the esteem between them and their owner without trace of sadness and pain. Finest examples are brought by animal life.

New Designer Line of Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are becoming more popular. And with Tattly, a new project by Tina Roth Eisenberg, such tattoos are decorating a lot of people nowadays.

The Worst Flooding in Bangkok

Two-thirds of Thailand is flooded by monsoon rains. The disaster has broken more than 200 roads and left 27 provinces under water. This is the country’s worst flooding in the last 50 years that has reached Bangkok.

Near Misses

These are some photos of some very lucky people. They are all very lucky to have escaped from the harrowing positions that they were placed in.

Changed Quotes

These quotes were quite melodramatic until someone came along and changed them into something rather shocking, more interesting, and rather humorous.

Weird Signs

It’s easy to classify these signs as being weird. They are all very strange and funny.

Once You See These Images You Can’t Go Back

Some of these images may disturb you, while others will make you laugh or make you say “Huh.” However, understand that once you see them you will not be able to forget what you have laid your eyes on.

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The Weirdest and Most Creative Weddings

This collection of unique and bizarre wedding photos proves that some people are very weird and have quite vast imaginations. Some of the pictures are also snapshots of funny moments during a wedding, which unfortunately happen to a lot of people.

Famous Noses as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Noses

These simple yet effective graffiti additions to pictures of famous people turn them into one of the masked turtles. No matter the size or shape of the nose all of these people are now official ninja turtles.

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