Baby Milk Snake Hatches from Egg

MadPals PicDump - Part 324

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5-Year-Old Gets Long Locks Chopped

An English boy, Rean Carter, had grown his hair since birth to the incredible length of 18 inches, but after he was mistaken for a girl his parents made the tough decision to cut it all off.

The Best of 404 Error Pages.

A Deserted Planet (41 pics)

Imagine Earth uninhabited and desolate with no humans in sight. These lonely images bring this fantasy to reality.

Top Reasons You Know It’s Spring

These images and words clearly state the easiest ways to figure out that spring has officially arrived.

Japan’s 65-Foot Towering Snow Walls (8 pics)

Located in the North Alpine Mountains, the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route features a carved out roadway or corridor through the gigantic snowdrifts that fall in this area every winter. Over one million people visit the unique area every year.

Public Signs: WTF?

Apparently someone forgot to pay attention while creating and putting up these public signs.

Excellent Pictures

Excellent Pictures


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