Beautiful pictures of our Planets

Amazing Aquarelle Paintings

Steve Hanks is one of the best watercolor artists working today. No matter that this technique of painting is very complicated, his images are incredibly realistic. Enjoy.

Darren Taylor’s beaten his own record

This desperate man takes everything great heights by jumping from a height in the children’s pool … He has repeatedly hit the Guinness Book of Records with such extreme jumps, but it is not enough and this time he takes a height of 11 meters. I recall that the depth of the basin was only 30 cm …

Magical Landscapes

What to say except WOW! These landscapes are amazing! Photographer Mu Zhen has captured the treasure!

Stunts in Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation has enabled contemporary artists to their dreams, visions and ideas spill over into a work of art. Computer technology has facilitated the work of artists and opened new possibilities in creativity. In addition to the technique, the idea and meaning are critical components. In these photos we see a variety of deeply reflective threads that encourage reflection.

Dangerous Home Pets

These dogs with knives and cats with guns don't seem so cute. Do you still think that your pet is very nice and peaceful?

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