IRL Barbie Girl from Asia

A new human doll has joined the ranks of Internet girls who look as if they are made of plastic. Meet Wang Jiayun and her somewhat creepy Facebook pictures.

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Top 6 Most amazing recycled creations

Top 6 Most amazing recycled creations!
New age designers are using scrap components in their original shape to create new artwork.
Here is list of some of the most striking examples of artwork created from recycled electronics.
E-waste Sneakers

The Most Shortsighted Opinions of Famous People

The way the things turned out afterwards makes the self-assured confidence of these statements utterly ridiculous.

Are These Products Ingenious or Stupid?

Whether or not these bizarre products are worth the money people are charging is beside the point, because they are definitely entertaining.

I Don’t Crash Like Everyone Else

Who needs a run of the mill crash when you can have a death defying crash that leaves the car in a unique place and angle?

Modern Tokyo House With Cool Car Elevator

While it might not serve much of a purpose, this garage to first floor car elevator is pretty darn slick.

Public Signs: WTF?

Reality is often stranger than fiction, and these public signs are hilarious examples of reality running rampant.

Shocking Bike Accident

Watch out – anything might happen on the road, even a thing like this…

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