Top 6 Most amazing recycled creations

Top 6 Most amazing recycled creations!
New age designers are using scrap components in their original shape to create new artwork.
Here is list of some of the most striking examples of artwork created from recycled electronics.
E-waste Sneakers

The E-waste Sneakers by American artist Gabriel Dishaw are created entirely from electronic waste.
The designer has followed a different approach by selecting two colors for each side of the shoe and
incorporated a copper pop for the swoosh and other ascents

Created by the British Royal Society of Arts, the WEEE Man weighs 3.3 tons and stands at the Eden
Project in Cornwall. The structure has been created using scrap monitors and other electronic scrap.
Sci-fi Masks

These creepy looking sci-fi masks have been created using random electronic waste lying around
 someone’s house.
Giant Cellphone Sculpture

Eco-conscious artists in Romania created this giant cellphone sculpture that now stands at the Planet
 Report Environmental & Film Festival. The structure has been created using hundreds of discarded cellphones.

Inland CD Sea

 Created from about one million unwanted compact discs, this shimmering inland sea installation is the brainchild
 of artist Bruce Murno. The installation rests at Long Knoll Field in Wiltshire, England. Apart from some local
collections, the massive sea used more than 600,000 discarded CDs that were sent from as far away as Brazil
 and California

Discarded Cellphone Installation

untreated can pose a serious threat to the ecosystem.

Created by eco-artist Nigel Sielegar, this 18’ high and 24’ wide frame, uses hundreds ofcellphones to give it desired
shape. The installation tries to inform consumers that cellphones carry toxic materials in their batteries, which if left
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