A Father and Son

Father and son relationship are typically formed like this.

MadPals PicDump - Part 230

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Very Disturbing Print Advertising

Some designers have so many creative ideas they make ads that are difficult to judge. They look disturbing, yet the idea behind them is pretty clear.

Crazy Accidents

Sometimes crazy things happen at the most unexpected times. Thankfully, there is someone around with a camera to capture the exact terrifying moment.

The Most Awesome Sleeveface Creations

Sleeveface was a phenomenon started about three years ago that involves taking a vinyl record cover and placing it over a person’s face in order to take a photo of the new creation. Check out these fun and inventive Sleeveface images.

Spiritual Advice (Hahahaha)

Mass Hysteria for Kim Jong-Il’s Death

The death of the 69-year-old North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il triggered a flood of tears from his countrymen. After his 17-year rule ended his followers turned into blubbering mourners and begs the question: are their tears real? Yesterday we posted this video, and today let’s see these photos of people’s public reactions and judge for yourself.

Daily Gifdump

Great Snow Forts

Great Snow Forts

Funny Animals - Part - 126

Sunland Baobab - A Bar Inside a Hollowed Out Tree

Sunland Baobab is a well-known enormous baobab tree in South Africa.It is one of the largest baobabs in South Africa with a circumference of 47 meter, or 33 meter, 

Demotivators Picdump

Interesting Facts about the Niagara Falls

Did you know all these things?

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

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