The Life of Nigerian Sex Workers in Italy

These girls come to Italy from Nigeria to make love for living, as that is the only way they can find to feed their families in Africa. Here are some pictures showing the miserable conditions they have to work at.

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Before and After Muscle Men

These guys literally embody a total transformation from an average guy to a ripped man. See the before and after pictures of these weight lifting freaks.

Incredible Potato Portraits

Incredible Potato Portraits

Real Volcano Restaurant

“El Diablo” restaurant at the Spanish island Lanzarote is located on the top of an active volcano. No, it doesn’t spew lava, but chefs here use internal heat of Earth erupting from the cracks in the ground to cook food.

Сats As Fonts

Сats As Fonts

Modern House Built for a King

This contemporary masterpiece is located in Beverley Hills and is ideal for a bachelor with means. Three bedrooms, maid quarters, a guesthouse, a movie theater and a top deck with a pool are spread over this gorgeous 8,300 square foot home.

Why Uploading Weird Facebook Pics Is Dangerous

Some guy on Facebook uploaded a strange photo of himself jumping, which was soon Photoshopped into numerous other scenarios. Never give your friends this type of ammunition to embarrass you, or you could end up like this sap.

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