Creative Slippers Designs

Slippers for night pee. If you wann pee at night the LED light in front of the slipper will give you light. Plus, you it could protect your feet from peeing on yourself

Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers. You can clean you house while walking by wearing this pair of slippers

Squirt slipper. This Vak-Vak slipper is a weird design. It comes with a heel which could be used for water containing. And what you should do to shoot others is just squish the heel!

Bathmat slipper. Wearing a slipper like this, both your feet and the floor of your bathroom gonna be cleaner

Homer Simpson Slippers.

Rabbit Slippers

SouthPark Slippers

Grass Slippers

Lamborghini Cnossus Student Design

want a car

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Creative Wetsuit Designs

Superhero Wetsuits. They have produced suits that look like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Dr. X, Tempest and others

The Anatomic Musculature Wetsuit

Shark Bite Wetsuit

Tuxedo Wetsuits.

The Jules Verne Wetsuit

Whale Shark Wetsuit

Custom “Urban Diver” Wetsuits

Wheel of Confusion Magic Trick

Which way is the wheel turning!? Focus on the red dots and follow them round… it appears to be rotating anti-clockwise. However, if you follow the yellow dots round instead, the whole wheel will be turning the other way! – clockwise!

The Eclipse of Mars Illusion

See a new color you’ve never seen before!!…Well… at least never before on your monitor. It’s a startling example of how poor the green/cyan element is on TVs and monitors generally. The colour you are about to witness is actually true Cyan … a colour that is heavily diluted on the vast optical illusions 10 majority of monitors (thanks to colour pollution). It’s a pity one needs an optical illusion to demonstrate this, but at least you can see what you’ve been missing ;-) Anyway on with the illusion….
Stare at the white dot in the centre of the red circle. The longer – the better (two minutes and you’ll get a much stronger effect). Always try to keep focused on the white dot. It’ll be worth it.
Soon after staring, you’ll start to see a thin rim of light around the edge. Don’t stop staring though yet! Wait another minute – keeping your head perfectly still.
Once you’ve done this, slowly – move your head backwards – making sure to keep your eyes focused on the dot at all times. The circle’s rim will glow brilliantly with true Cyan! Keep on moving your head slowly backwards, and it’ll glow very hot!…
The blue/cyan colour chart to the right isn’t part of the illusion, but there to demonstrate that the ultra cyan you have just seen is not in the monitor’s color palette! It should be, but isn’t.
It’s an amazing effect.

Rollers Illusion

Rollers appear to rotate without effort. On the other hand, they appear to rotate in the opposite directionwhen observer sees this image, while blinking repeatedly.


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Every 1 has this experience

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