Crazy Chinese Workers

These workers are crazy, stretching along the steep build mountains, and a noticeable ones are working without any insurance. 14 more images after the break...

Camouflage Chinese Artist painted Into Mural

On the streets of New York, artist Kenny Scharf took a paintbrush and painted over the body and face of famous Chinese artist Liu Bolin in order to match his mural. Bolin is known for doing this type of transparent or camouflage art. Once they completed the transformation it was hard to see a human standing in front of the mural.

Flying Carpet Sofa – East meets West

‘East meets West’ by Tonio de Roover is a sofa that invites people together to sit, talk or read. In visual sense, ‘East meets West’ a sculptural object, an item that refers to a flying carpet that want to rise from the earth. It is reminiscent of the ‘tales of a thousand and One Nights’, thus heralding a connection with non-Western cultures. The simplicity of the shape and the materials used to emphasise this image.

Constrained Ball

Old Watches Can be Made Motor Bikes

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Don't Laugh

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