Aren’t They a Bit Too Tall?

If you talk to them for 10-20 minutes, your neck will definitely hurt.

MadPals PicDump - Part 263

A Daily Dose of Funny & Amazing PicDump

Babies Wearing Glasses

Uh-oh. These just might give cats wearing glasses a run for their money.

24 Awkward Tissue Box Designs

Tissue Box Designs, really something very rare to see. But, whatever looks great and different to have them at your place, discover the awkward tissue box designs as follows.

10 Legendary Bad Girls of Literature

“Wake me when you cover the Bad GIRLS of Literature,” wrote a commenter who goes by the handle of “Literati” on our recent “10 Legendary Bad Boys of Literature” post. Well, rise and shine, friend, because it’s happening. For this post, we showcase ten fantastic female authors whose careers span 3000 years — from Sappho to Alice Walker — and are just as capable of badass behavior as their male counterparts. We easily could have made this list five times as long, so make your case for any omissions in the comments.

Little One’s In BIG Action

Sometimes little ones can show some Cool Action Stuff with weapons, Have a look as follows.

The Painted Desert

The Painted Desert is a United States desert of badlands in the Four Corners area from the Grand Canyon National Park into the Petrified Forest National Park. Much of the area within the Petrified Forest National Park is protected as the Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area. Much of the Painted Desert region is within the Navajo Nation.

WTF Tattoos

Probably the worst tattoos you’ll ever see.

Rainbow Dreamland

This panorama (6 single shots) was captured at Moskenes on the Lofoten Island Moskenes√ły in Norway

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