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MadPals PicDump - Part 194

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Crazy Bike That Runs on Feces

Japanese toilet manufacturer decided to create an unusual bike powered by… poop. Crazy as it sounds, this motorcycle actually runs. It has even performed 870-mile countrywide tour across Japan.

Unusual Sunken Bridge

Unless it gets flooded, the bridge across the Fort de Roovere looks amazing. Architects didn’t want to build a normal one, so they made a sunken bridge that now attracts many tourists.

Ukrainian WTF Wedding

The author of these photographs states that you can see such weddings only in Ukraine. Who knows? But this couple will definitely remember their special day.

Backyards of Your Dream

These are the most beautiful backyard designs I’ve ever seen. They can leave you speechless.

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Awesome Photographs

All these photographs were submitted to Photo Contest 2011 announced by National Geographic. The deadline will come up on November 30, but you can already see some of the best images from the categories Nature, People, and Places.

Demotivators Picdump

Colombian Students "Attack" Riot Police with Love

Colombian students in Bogota proved to be extremely loving with riot police during their protests of proposed higher education privatization. Using their creativity and love instead of force, these students showed a different way to deal with a potentially violent situation.

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