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MadPals PicDump - Part 341

A Daily Dose of Funny and Amazing PicDump

Your Jaw, Will Drop

This assortment of mind-blowing images and Gifs will have you seeing the world in a whole new way.

Chinese Counterfeiting at Its Worst

A girl managed to document all of these fake brands being old in China, many of which are only one or two letters away from the real brand name.

Decaying Skyscraper of Ponte City

Ponte City Apartments is 173 m (567.6 ft) high, which makes it the tallest residential skyscraper in South Africa.

Pets Ruin My Stuff

Sometimes our pets get too excited when playing, turning their game into destruction frenzy. See the photos of things ruined by mischievous pets.

Diver Narrowly Avoids a Collision with a Giant Whale

Underwater photographers managed to picture 15 m long (50 ft.) Bryde’s whales right in the middle of their daily dinner.

Newbie Mode for Classic Video Games

See how funnily the iconic video games would change if their difficulty level could be switched to an extra-easy mode.

The Most Reliable Gatekeeper

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