Hormer Supplier Shocking Farm Cruelty To Pigs

Undercover investigation by PETA at an Iowa pig factory farm reveals shocking rampant animal cruelty committed by the workers and supervisors. The video and images are horrific to the extent that some of the images shown here have been left out.

Some of the atrocities of cruelty shown were

- Piglets slammed to the floor and leaving them still wriggling to die in a bloodied pile
- beating up of the pigs to death with metal rods
- inserting rods into the sow’s vagina
- Spraying paint into the pig’s eyes and nostrils

These condemed acts and unacceptable practice shows how ugly human actions can be and the atrocities that are not known to us when we eat products such as bacon, ham or sausage.

Watch the video and gallery at your discretion and definitely not for the squeamish hearted. The images shown here are less disturbing and to see the full story and media, check out PETA’s website. If you care about animal cruelty, do check outKentucky Fried Cruelty as well.

3 more pics of the shocking cruety to pigs at the Iowa farm after the jump.


A mother pig and her piglets severely confined to a small farrowing crate during nursing.

A sow with an open sore on her nose from an apparent beating with a metal gate rod.

Sow #13319 sustained multiple cuts to her back, likely the result of being beaten and scraped with a gate rod while being moved from the gestation building to the farrowing building.

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