Hot Posing for Social Network Photos

Many girls like to pose in front of the camera in order to look good in their profile photos. In this way they try to hide their flaws and look more appealing to men. However, not all men prefer this kind of posing. Even so, girls like to pout their faces, have way too much makeup and pose in some of the most unnatural poses. On the other hand there are those who like these kinds of tacky- looking girls. After all it is simply a matter of taste and as we all know de gustibus non est disputandum or one must not dispute about tastes.

Finger Sized Animals- Miniature Animals

Baby animals are usually adorable. When you look at those little paws and pointy ears you can’t help yourself but sigh. But these finger sized animals are beyond adorable. They are tiny and cute and no person could resist these under-sized animals. If you are feeling angry or sad one glance at these adorable creatures will put a smile on your face. You won’t believe how tiny of them are, almost that you have to put on your glasses. Take a look at these tiny babies and enjoy!

Origami Towels

The art of making origami enables the artist to make life out of paper. Some may see it as playing God; others only see it as a form of self-expression. Making origami from paper is not the only way. You can make an origami from towels, also. The technique is similar but the product is as amazing as it could be expected. In this way you can make your bathroom shelves more beautiful and show your creativity at the same time.

Hot And Wired Cosplay

Painted Gorillas In London

Just after interviewing Boris Johnson at City Hall last week, Urban Times took some snaps of the twenty life-size gorilla statues that have take over Tower Bridge. These gorillas are one third of a sixty-one-strong painted army of entitled Wow! Gorillas that have been lined up on the Thames banks outside More London and are being taken down after a week having been very well received by the public. The artists have banned together to promote themselves and the species – everyone’s a winner!

Treasure Worth $220 Million

These guys earned some nice money.

200 tonnes of silver were exposed by Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. at a depth of 4,700 meters below the surface of the north Atlantic. This company is devoted to deep-ocean shipwreck discovery. Last year it signed a contract with the UK government’s Department for Transport to retrieve the shipwreck with the ability to keep 80% of the find’s profits.

Scary Unexpected Visitor

A typical day in the sunshine state. Nothing very unusual going on here, unless you consider having an alligator in your house unusual. In Florida it is a regular occurrence. The price you pay for all of that sunshine.

Fast Food Future Looks Scary

Close your eyes and for a moment imagine the possible future of fast food industry.  That’s how it would look like according to photoshoppers and this does look scary

Female Praying Mantis Kills Her Partner

I hope it was worth it for him.

Public Transportation in Cuba

If you want to save yourself the cost of a rental car, or just let someone else do the driving, you can easily visit most of Cuba by bus.

Do You Know What It’s Like?

Here are the seven stages of going to the gym.

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

Cool Photos Ruined

Have you ever snapped what you thought would be the perfect photo and then later on come to find out some jerk off spoiled it for you? Take a look at these classic spoiled photo ops.

Creepy Split Face Family Portraits.

The idea to mix two family members’ faces in one is very creative. But the result often looks frightening, just like inside this post.

Demotivators Picdump

Funny Animals - Part - 55

Daily Gifdump

Flashback: ‘90s vs. Present Day

Do you pine for those halcyon times, when no one had a cell phone, the Internet was dial up and Facebook was your address book? Check out this funny comparison photo collection of the ‘90s and today.

Silly Assumptions Meet Ice Cold Reality

While we all know it’s better not to assume things in life, and therefore keep our expectations in check, many of us someone still manage to make ridiculous assumptions and then get disappointed by reality.

MadPals PicDump - Part 148

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Hot Archery Girls

A cute collection of bow and arrow girls.

Gothic Culture

The goths are true devoters of their fashion no matter what the temperature is outside.

10 Interesting Facts About Smelling

Nature gave humans five senses, with one of them being the important gift of smell. There are so many different smells for our noses, and even though seeing and hearing are used more often, let’s not sell the sense of smell short.

Bizarre Female Visual Appearance Change

In some countries they do things a little bit differently, and the men have a very unique taste when it comes to their women.

Girl In Love With Tanning

Didn’t this chick know that spending too much time under the rays would be bad for her? Why does she think this looks good?

Mind Is An Amazing Thing

Embryonic Superheroes – Where Cute Meets Creepy

Just when I thought I couldn’t be weirded out by anything I find on the internet, here’s a series of sculptures titled “Embryonic Superheroes” to accomplish that feat.

Stunning City Silhouettes By Jasper James

World-renowned photographer Jasper James has recently published an incredible photo series titled ‘City Silhouettes’. Over the past decade, James has lived and worked in New York, London and Beijing (his current home), covering assignments around the globe for some of the worlds leading magazines, design and advertising clients.

Driver Captures The End Of The Rainbow On His iPhone

So now we know what’s at the end of the rainbow – and it’s not a pot of gold. Instead it meets the northbound carriageway of the Highway 241 toll road in Orange County, California

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

Demotivators Picdump

Funny Animals - Part - 54

Daily Gifdump

Funny 3D Truck Ad Designs

Advertising is a great way to get people to know your product and company. Although I realize that the images in this article are photoshopped I do think that if they were real they would make great ads for the companies listed. 

What the World Looks Like to a Child

This is what the world looks like from a child’s point of view. Been there, done that.

We Finally Can See Invisible Cat Activities

We Finally Can See Invisible Cat Activities

Funny and Ridiculous Haircuts

These are some of the funniest haircuts that you will ever see. Most are old school haircuts but some of them are from more recent days. They all seem pretty ridiculous.

Christine Fool

I would love this site called “Christine fool.” But alas .. Meet a new member House 2 (who has his looks) Christine Ray. 

MadPals PicDump - Part 147

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Mind Reading

The Luxuriant Indian “Maharaja Express” Train

Definitely the most luxurious train in India, and quite possibly the world, the Maharaja Express boasts a beautiful interior design, running water, toilet and shower with a tub in each compartment. See inside this truly stunning architectural masterpiece.

Children’s Drawings Become Stuffed Toys

An ingenious idea has brought kid’s drawings to life by turning them into stuffed toys that look exactly like what is on paper.

Luxurious Vacation in the Himalayas

Shakti 360 Leti is a stunning place located deep within the Indian Himalayas. It consists of four luxury cabins at 8,000 feet (2200 meters). It is the perfect place for relaxation and full isolation. To get here, you need to drive for 3.5 hours through some of the world’s most beautiful mountains and then walk for 1.5 hours through amazing scenery. The luxury lodge is located close to where Nepal, Tibet and India meet.

10 Fascinating Factoids About People & Their Countries

Check out these interesting tidbits that you probably never knew about some countries and people from around the globe.

Amazing Tilt-Shift Photography

This is some rather amazing tilt shift photography. Everything looks tiny, a bit odd and far away. If you look long enough they will make you kind of dizzy. I love it.

JUGAAD .. ;-))

Aaaj Kal – Jugaad Zaroori Hain

HERE's the JUGAAD......

Unfortunate Wedding Day Snafu

You definitely don’t want anything going wrong on your day of celebration, but see how this wedding party had a hiccup on that special day.

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