Anime Manga Figures

These figures are usually made in very small numbers, and are therefore unique and expensive. Masterpiece sold at very high prices, but the avid collectors are buying them. The greatest interest is, of course, for sexy women manga figures, often in very challenging, erotic poses.

Harry Potter Kids Then and Now

This time here are photos not only of Harry, Hermione, and Ron but of other Harry Potter kids also.

Querosene House with Simple Constructive Solutions

Brazillian architects Designed grupoSP the Querosene House in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This house is 10X40 meters below the road surface which enables the large open space which is very easy and transparent. Houses have a free wall parallel to accommodate a library containing 7500 volumes and on the other side with parallel block, all closed space – with a three-story block that contains all the services, equipment and dormitory.

Alternative Medicine

What makes people turn to alternative medicine?

Amazing Black and White Photography

These photos were shot in color and then converted to black and white using a process known as monochrome conversion.

Commixed Images

I like this kind of commixed pictures. Some of them are very crazy and funny

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