Adorable Sweet Lips

Adorable Sweet Lips

Combo Advertising Billboards

Sometimes, one billboard is not enough in order to realize a creative idea. So the next logical step is, that is if space and funds permit, to “stretch” advertising on two and even three boards. Check how it worked out.

Immortalizing Celebrities In Plasticine

Leicester-born Karen Caldicott is currently living in the New York area, where she stays busy creating plasticine portraits of celebrities. Well-versed in a multitude of styles,

10 Of The Weirdest Ways To Get Married

1. Skydiving Wedding
A plain old fashioned skydiving wedding is still weird, but what started out as a rare event now has wedding planners all over the world like this one in Atlanta.

Space Shuttle Crash Test

OMG, it looks even cooler than world's fastest crash test.

New Haircut

The old one was much better...

Lip Pump Makes Girl's Lips Bigger

Isn't it "great"? Now every girl can make her lips look big.

7 Amazing Works of Art Done With Unorthodox Methods

These pieces of art were created with extremely unorthodox methods and still managed to maintain the label “art.”

7.Sandcastler’s Mordor

2000 Wispy Dandelions

It’s hard to believe, but Regine Ramseier picked 2,000 dandelions for this ethereal art exhibit, which was shown at the ArToll Summer Lab 2011.

Just Do It

Cricket and Chappal Effect

MadPals PicDump - Part 179

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Daily Gifdump

Funny Side of Politics

Politicians are endless inspiration for a lot of things – fighting, competing, chalenge, controversy, but above all laugh! Just to make sure you don`t get us wrong, I`ll say it again: we it for the lolz :D. Enjoy!

Amazing Food Art

Bored with spicy shrimp and California rolls? For those fans of food art looking to push the boundaries of culinary adventure, sushi chefs have heeded your call, forming their rice and seaweed creations into a myriad of shapes, most notably panda bears, kittens, computers, and well… Lassie.

Flexi Yogi Girls

Check out the gallery of flexible and beautiful girls who practice yoga.

Bread Brand Shoes

These are the best shoes ever. You can wear them as slippers around the house or as your shoes. Shoes can adjust to the shape of your foot. You create the size and width of your shoes so you become small shoemaker. Shoes can be made ​​from variety of grains. Decorate with raisins or sesame seeds and enjoy in your creation. And when you get tired of it you can eat it Smiley

Beautiful And Unusual Landscapes Of The World

Landscapes. Nature is one of the things where you can search and find some peace of mind, a serenity. In these crazy times when everything is fast forward you need exactly something like that, to keep you calm and peaceful.

Creative but Weird Packagings for Stuff

Unfortunately, nowadays, it is not the inside but the outside that matters. And more sadly it is not a ‘rule’ just for stuff, it applies to people also. People that made these packagings had that in mind for sure… Nevertheless, you must admit they’re damn good at it!

Incredible Action Packed Racing Photos

These beautiful photos capture the best moments of motorcycle and car racing in an artistic way. See cars and bikes flying through the air, as well as plenty of crashes.

Amazing Titanic Construction Photos

The doomed ship was built in Belfast over a three-year span and these impressive black and white images show just how colossal an undertaking it was.

Timber! When Models Bite the Dust

There is something rewarding about seeing the so-called ideal or perfect woman hit the floor hard on the catwalk. Considering the slippery surface they walk on in mostly high heels it’s no wonder these skinny chicks don’t fall more often.

MadPals PicDump - Part 178

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Epic Win Images

Pictures taken at the right moment become epic win images that really impress and amaze.

Daily Gifdump

Funny Animals - Part - 78

Mind Bending Optical Illusions

Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us and other times our vision fails to reveal what is truly going on. This collection of cool optical illusions will have you shaking your head and rubbing your eyes.

Decapitated swimmer

America in the 1970s

Very interesting photos of America in 1971 – 1977.

Tree of Knowledge

If this was in Paradise, I totally understnad Eve…I’d be also thinking what kind of  ’fruit’ these amazing looking trees can bring!

Touching Pictures of Rescued Animals

Jaw-Dropping Nature Photos

Showcasing the true beauty of mother nature.

The Art of the 16/8 Bit Game Title

This is a cool collection of awesome 16/8 bit game title graphics. These are titles that scream.

Unusual and Creative Bookcases

Here are some neat ideas for bookcases. They definitely worth to take a look at.

Old American Dollars

Most likely you never knew that this kind of dollars ever existed.

Amazing & Unusual Monuments of the World

Traveling to other cities and countries, do not miss the amazing designs of the local architecture and sculpture. Among the many traditional and historical monuments are found very original statue, the creation of which the sculptors and artists do not limit themselves to any formality and standards. Monuments, jokes, statues, protests and daring design experiments decorate streets, parks and squares of cities in the world.

Bureaucratic Themis, Denmark -

Famous People in Fat Suits

Celebrities often have to play roles that require extra fat on their bodies. Sometimes they have to weight over 300 pounds, and they perfectly cope with such a tricky task.

Neil Patrick Harris

The Guy with a Chalk is Back

Unlike the classic graffiti, this guy paints the streets just with chalk, making them look lively, funny and interesting. The only ‘problem’ is that the ‘paintings’ look like this only from a specific angle. Well, meet the work of artists like Edgar Mueller, Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner.

Nice Parking, Girls!

Some girls are not allowed to sit behind the wheel and park their car.


MadPals PicDump - Part 177

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Daily Gifdump

How Anyone Can Live Like This

These are the pictures of one of the filthiest houses I’ve ever seen. It’s just disgusting.


Ideas for Halloween Costumes.

Another selection of cool costumes for Halloween. There is still some time left to get one.

The Best Chinese Movie Fails

These Chinese movie fails are hilarious.

HallowMeme Party Photographs

A lot of people lately celebrate Halloween in internet style. This year HallowMeme costume party was held for the third time. You need to see these photos to know how cool it was.

Women laughing (alone) with salad

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