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Yellow World Through Beautiful Pictures

Yellow evokes the shine of the sun and is found throughout nature and the man-made world as a color that commands attention. This highly visible hue is found on everything from bumblebees to school buses, traffic signs to highlighters. Misbehaving soccer players are shown yellow as a warning, and Tour de France racers know the man in yellow is the rider to beat.

Slimy Mushroom

This is a kind of slimy mushroom covering everything around and moving away by dripping and spreading out slime.

Malian Woman

A woman in Diafarabe, Mali, holds her brilliant yellow scarf against a blue African sky. Her landlocked country is a desert land that was once a hub for ancient Saharan caravan routes.

 Fields of Rape

In May our world around is yellow from a lot of fields of rape.

Paper Mill

A time-lapse photo captures the wispy steam and yellow glow of the Georgia-Pacific paper mill in Brunswick, Georgia, at night. The mill is surrounded by the wetlands of poet Sidney Lanier's "Marshes of Glynn."

Train Engine

A brightly painted train engine stands under a deep blue sky in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Santa Fe Railroad, one of America's most famous, merged with theBurlington Northern Railroad in the mid-1990s.

Mexican Building

Pink flowers and a hand-painted sign advertising treasures adorn a yellow-and-red building in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The city's beauty and mild climate have attracted many foreign residents.

Huli Wigman

Red tears of sweat stream down the yellow-painted face of a Huli wigman in Papua New Guinea. His elaborate costume, donned for a ceremonial welcoming dance called the sing-sing, also includes a dramatic wig of human hair.

Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar

A spicebush swallowtail caterpillar in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, shows off eyespots meant to deter predators looking for an easy meal.


Sunflowers like this one in Asheville, North Carolina, are prized for their beauty but also for their seeds and oil. The flowers are unusual among crops because they were first domesticated in North America.

Yellow-Shafted Flicker

A yellow-shafted flicker leaves its nest in a forest in the United States. Flickers are woodpeckers that can hammer trees but prefer to forage on the ground. They often dig in the dirt for ants.

Vintage Plymouth

The yellow hues of a small home in Lanai City, Hawaii, are matched by its owner's vintage Plymouth. Many residents of this village live in such pastel-painted cottages, first built for pineapple plantation workers.

Phuket Island Beach

Yellow beach umbrellas line the sands at a hotel on Phuket Island, Thailand. The island draws many foreign tourists to its balmy climes, crystal clear waters, and Thai hospitality.

Eyelash Viper

Eyelash vipers are indigenous to Central and South America and come in a variety of colors, including shocking yellow.

Maple Leaves

A blanket of fallen maple leaves covers the ground with gold during autumn in Washington, D.C. The visual "quality" of each fall's foliage is determined by weather conditions such as moisture and temperature.

Amazing Nature Photos

We live on a beautiful planet, this post has a duty to remind us of that. Let's save our planet!

Autumn by poolside

Autumn by poolside

Colored waterfall

Crater Lake, USA

Glen Canyon, USA

Lonely rock

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Water, snow, Sun..

Aurora Borealis, Norway

Iceland, Westman Islands

Amazing Surreal Paintings

Artist Andre Martins de Barros show us beautiful paintings. Enjoy his fantastic artwork.

Great and Beautiful Waterfalls

Victoria Falls

In the world of great waterfalls the grand Victoria Falls of South Africa has truly stolen away the lime light from the last many years. It has been one of the major tourist attractions of South Africa. People just love to view the exotic and spectacular natural beauty of these great falls. Most of the tourists from all across the world enjoy their vacations with their family members in the lapse of these huge water curtains. The great Victoria Falls of South Africa are one of the Seven Wonders of the World today. These great waterfalls are located on the Zambezi River which lies in the Southern Africa. The grand Zambezi River lies between the two countries of South Africa and they are Zambia and Zimbabwe. These great waterfalls are also known as “Mosi-Oa-Tunya” by the local residents of South Africa which literally means the Smoke of the Thunders. The chilled water of the great Victoria Falls from a height of 1200 meters which make this water fall one of the highest waterfalls of the world.

Iguazu Falls

In the world of ostentatious and majestic waterfalls of the world, the great IguazuFalls have stolen away the glare of publicity. The great Iguazu Falls have been the major tourist attractions from the last many years. These giant water curtains are cited in the lapse of the grand Iguazu River which is located on the frame of the Brazilian State and the Argentine prefecture. These grand and glorious waterfalls divide up the Iguazu River into two parts: one part is the upper Iguazu and the other part is the lower Iguazu. These gigantic waterfalls are one of the major tourist’s attractions for the visitors as well as the local residents of Brazil and Argentina. These mammoth waterfalls are comprised up with entire natural beauty and splendor. These waterfalls mainly separate two major countries and they are Brazil and Argentina. These giant water curtains are taller than the famous Niagara Falls and they are as wide as 275 cascades. For the duration of the rainy season in between November and April, the water level of these falls tremendously increases and adds enough charm to its gorgeousness and attractiveness.

Huangguoshu, China

Also known as Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall, Haungguoshu waterfall is one of the largest plunge in Asia. Witnessing this cascading water, its mightiness can be only first thing one can think of. Positioned on Baihe River, Huangguoshu is around 77.8 meters high and about 101 meters wide. Hundred of thousands of people visit this place every year. Besides the Great Wall, this is undoubtedly the best attraction in China.

Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia

This waterfall is also christened as Tis Issat, which means smoking water. Along with being a major tourist attraction, Blue Nile Falls is extensively used generate power in the area. More and more people are visiting this place, providing Ethiopia a great tourist income. It is located on Blue Nile River and is probably the best spot to visit, when in Ethiopia.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Feel the peak of mightiness at Angel Falls, where huge mass of water plummets beautifully from the height of 978 meters, making it the highest waterfalls of the world. The source of this fall is the pinnacle of Auyan Tepuy, a mountain from where the water plunges without any interruption. However, more interesting than the fall is the entrance. This fall can be accessed from Canaima National Park, the only gateway to Angel Falls, and is reached by air. Witnessing all these falls in a lifetime is an ecstasy rarely gained. However, visit to any one also promises remarkable gratification.

Niagara Falls, Canada/USA

With more than 14 million visitors every year, Niagara Falls is probably the most admired waterfall around the world. This magnificent plunge shares its beauty with two countries and is a combination of three falls. The Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls can be witnessed from New York City. And the glorious panorama of Horseshoe Falls can be viewed from Canada. Due to the natural vista around the falls, this destination has attracted various tourist businesses like hotels, adventures, and tour packages.

Jog Falls, India

Gushing over River Sharavathi, Jog Falls is considered to be the largest waterfall in India. The plunge is around 829 feet high, which is roughly 253 meters. To witness the most splendid views of Jog Falls, it’s advisable to visit this destination in monsoon season, as very little water can be seen in arid days. However, during monsoon, this plunge exceeds the volume and height of Kaiteus Falls.

Gullfoss, Iceland

Also known as ‘the Golden Falls’, Gullfoss waterfall is a remarkable double cascade with an altitude of 32 meter, perfectly positioned on White River. This destination is considered to be one of the most popular tourist places in Europe mainly because of the panorama it creates in summer days. During arid season, the glacial runoff and rainwater makes its way through this waterfall and runs into the White River. It is probably the best attraction in Iceland.

Dettifoss Water Falls

Dettifoss is 44m tall and 100m wide. The stream is so powerful and you can hear the roar from distance if you visit Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, Iceland. The waterfalls transfers 500 cubic meters of waters per second from Vatnajökull glacier down to the sea. You can snap beautiful objects from the two different side of the waterfalls.

Sutherland Falls

The waterfalls is located in Fiorland National Park, New Zeland. It is famous for the rough stream, beautiful scenery, and the Milford Track. Loads of people know that this tack is one of the finest track in the world.

Kaieteur Falls

If you have enough money, you can go to Kaieteur falls in Postaro river, Guyana. Because the transportation is poor, not so many people know about this beautiful object. The Kaieteur Falls drops 221m and spreads 100m from one side to the others. The current is so strong so that the power is often matched with Iguazufalls, Niagara falls and Victoria falls.

Yosemite Falls

The waterfalls is known as one of the tallest in the world and it stands 2425ft from the lower course. Yosemite Falls is the eye of Yosemite national park and if you come in a right time, you can get this waterfall flowing its hard and rough stream from the cliff.

Angel Falls

Angel falls plunging 979m down and it is known as the tallest waterfalls on earth. Local people named this place as Auyantepuy (Devil’s Mountain). This waterfalls hides many histories and stories. You can see this place at the rain forest of Canaima National Park, Venezuela.

Plitvice Waterfalls

Plitvice Waterfalls is renowned since the late of 19th century. Plitvice Waterfalls offers the beauty of 2 lakes and green areas around it on this area, you can find a 70m tall waterfalls and beautiful Boardwalks. If you like to visit PlitviceWaterfalls, you should go to Northern Dalmatia. It is located at 2-hour drive south Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia actually.

Great Falls

Great Falls, also known as Grindstone Falls, has a height of 10m or 33 feet, and a crest width of 5m or 16 feet. It is located on the Grindstone Creek in Waterdown section of Hamilton just off Mill Street, and has year round flow. A viewing platform has been built beside the waterfall as well as a parking lot. This area, known as Smokey Hollow, was once heavily industrial, as the Grindstone Creek was a power source for a sawmill at the base of Great Falls, as well as other mills that appeared over the years. By 1912, however, the mills had all closed, as the water level in Grindstone Creek had gone down and the steam engines that propelled the waterpower were acknowledged to be too dangerous. Today, thanks to a rehabilitation program implemented by Waterdown residents, the locality is a beautiful and well-kept park.

Damajagua Falls

This inspiring activity for nature lovers takes you beyond the gold-sand beaches of Puerto Plata and into the silver-capped mountains for the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, a fairytale-like labyrinth of tunnels and caves set against a backdrop of rural mountain scenery. Trek through jungle and scale rock mounds as high as 40 feet before cascading into crystal-clear natural swimming pools. The most intrepid explorers hike the hour required to reach the highest waterfall before descending a three-hour-long track. A shorter but no less challenging trail scrambles up and down the first seven falls with plenty of swimming breaks in between.

Kegon Falls. Japan

It IS one of Japan’s three great waterfalls, taking water from the nearby Lake Chuzenji down 318 feet off the edge of a cliff to a river below. You can took an elevator down to an observation deck for a spectacular view.It is usually shrouded in fog and mist. To the side of the falls is an impressive display of cobalt rock formations.
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