Wanna Ride The Beast

A good old recreation now has a new look… Bicycles today don’t look much like the regular bicycles, but as long as there are wheels, pedals and a seat – that’s it. Take a look of some interesting bike designs and tell if you like it!

Shaving The World

Inspiration – check!, camera – check!, razor blade – check! Shoot!

Naomi Campbell’s Amazing Turkish Island Villa

This is an awesome island villa that is located in Turkey and owned by Naomi Campbell. It’s a self sufficient dome. It’s kept warm by the greenhouse effect that the dome provides. It’s cooled by natural airflow.

World According To Bobby Bong

From Singkawang, Indonesia, we bring you the amazing nature and landscape photography of Bobby Bong with captures of amazing oceans, sky colors that look dreamy and almost stage set. Word from photographer: “Nature provides the beauty that is not limited to humans. Sometimes by looking around, we could feel the beauty of it. As a hobby, photography lets me capture the beauty of the world that only takes place once in my lifetime.”

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