`` nice photos ```

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Harnessed to a cart in a field of sunflowers under Bucharest.

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Sri Lankan fisherman

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Maori  group "Waka Huia" appears on the Piazza San Marco during the opening of the New Zealand pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

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Group of cyclists during the ride between Barcelona and Arkalisom (Andorra).

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Horse - Assistant at work.


Square Watermelons?

Farmers in the southern Japanese town of Zentsuji have figured out how to grow their watermelons so they turn out square.

It's not a fad. The technique actually has practical applications. "The reason they're doing this in Japan is because of lack of space," said Samantha Winters of the National Watermelon Promotion Board in Orlando, Florida.

A fat, round watermelon can take up a lot of room in a refrigerator, and the usually round fruit often sits awkwardly on refrigerator shelves.

But clever Japanese farmers have solved this dilemma by forcing their watermelons to grow into a square shape. Farmers insert the melons into square, tempered glass cases while the fruit is still growing on the vine.

The square boxes are the exact dimensions of Japanese refrigerators, allowing full-grown watermelons to fit conveniently and precisely onto refrigerator shelves.

But cubic fruit comes with a caveat: Each square watermelon costs 10,000 yen, the equivalent of about $82. Regular watermelons in Japan cost from $15 to $25 each.

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sun rays

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Underdogs Bus Stop

For Quick Relief Of Muscular Aches

Mr President Brasilia

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Give this seat to te elderly ;)

Lakers Cheerleaders Then and Now

johney makhanchor ko jinda pakdna itna aasan nahi

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