Surreal Body Art

If done properly, body art can be one of the most fascinating art forms. Artist Craig Tracy born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, decides what and how to draw only after he sees the body of the model. Shape is his inspiration for ideas. Sometimes it takes several days of sketching, but the final result is amazing.

Why I Want to Live in This Loft

This is one of the most amazing lofts I've ever seen. You can play basketball in there and if you like plants then you can even have a living tree in the floor. And that's not it. Check out the pictures after the jump.

Located in the trendy SoMA (South of Market) neighborhood of San Francisco, this gorgeous loft has 30-foot ceilings with skylights, including a huge retractable center skylight, music control panels, 3-car garage, rooftop terrace with 4-person Jacuzzi and a regulation basketball hoop. With $3 million you could own this architectural marvel that affords stunning city views and plenty of room to entertain.

Stunning Sequential Photos

These amazing sequential photos were taken by photographer Kim Taylor. He loves animals and his photos of insects, rodents, and birds in motion show a tremendous amount of detail. The special photographic technique of capturing everything from a squirrel’s tail flickering to a bird’s wing beating as they leap through the air, is known as locomotion.

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