Curious Things About Dreams

You'll probably be surprised by these cool facts about dreams.

MadPals PicDump - Part 273

A Daily Dose of Funny & Amazing PicDump

How a new island takes birth!


This is amazing photography and study which helps you to know how a new island is born in mid-sea! Nature has its own and amazing way of doing things!

Really Funny Print Ads

Check out the selection of some truly remarkable press advertisements. Their effect is obvious - even if you don't rememeber the brand, at least you remember the funny picture.

Ski Lift Drama

A boy slipped from the ski lift seat. In a split second the father managed to catch him by the hand, but it was too hard to drag the poor fellow back. Luckily, the other skiers came to help.

Oh, Those Women

PMS – definitely the worst period in lady’s life!!! And in man’s too… It is hard to explain how her moods can be drastically changed so quickly, but that doesn’t even matter, the real question is how to protect yourself, either you were a man or a woman. Girls, you may try with some pills, and boys… hum… sorry you’re lost.

Cute Cute Animals

I Do What I Want

Rules, warnings, precautions… come on. These badass guys are so tough that they even take pictures of their transgressions.

Autumn Landscapes

Daily Gifdump

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