Spilling milk Fashion Photography

Today for your inspiration we have collected some incredible examples of Sexy spilling milk fashion photography. The following images are so beautiful which took creativity and concept to a whole new level. Spilt milk is also an example of a superstition that has contradictions.

Now, That’s Creative Photography

German photographer Jan von Holleben certainly doesn’t lack imagination. Most of his works consist of photographs taken from above but meant to look like they were normally taken. Add to that creative situations and sceneries and you get a brilliant set of unique photos. I love it!

A girl’s dreams

South African Slum Graduates Dress Up

Even though these ladies live in Cape Flats, near Cape Town South Africa they still get dressed up to go to their high school graduation night. Many of them are the first in their families to graduate from high school due to apartheid. Photographer Araminta de Clermont captured these poignant images. See the kinds of colorful and expensive outfits they wear for their special day.

Best Adventure Towns Where to Live and Play in America

Two things are very important in our busy life’s these days one where to go for fun and where to live. That’s why We’ve built the ultimate, state-by-state guide to top outdoor hubs across the country. These adventure towns offer something for everyone, whether you love hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, climbing, snowboarding, or a little bit of everything. Stay for a long weekend or the rest of your life.

Strange Ways To Go

Compared to this terrorists are child’s play, I mean, instead sending people to Afghanistan US military should order an airstrike on all of the bathtubs in the country!

Less Feathers – Less Calories

A genetically engineered featherless rooster struts around the campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of Agriculture May 22, 2002 in Rehovot, Israeli. After two years of research, departmental scientists announced the naked chicken, as it has been dubbed, as a low calorie bird because the lack of feathers means the chicken has less fat.

Dreams Of Flying

crossing the desert on the back of a dog or searching for lost treasures on the bottom of the ocean, Jan von Holleben’s photographs make nostalgic dreams come true.

Beauties Of The Marble Cave

1987 Simferopol speleologists discovered a huge complicated cave of unbelievable beauty. 1989 after all necessary preparations had been done, Marble Cave opened for tourists. Speleologists claim, that it is one of the most beautiful caves on the planet and one of the most frequently visited ones in Europe.

Awesome Super Mario Themed Wedding Invitations

It is amazing how creative this guy is who designed these Super Mario themed wedding invitations. Surely, a lot of guests wished to keep their RSVP cards to keep their invites intact! They simply emailed or called the bride.

The Wedding Invitations

Beautiful HDR Pictures

It’s been a while since our last collection of HDR photos. Here’s a new one and the pics look amazing.

Drunk People

Some people just can’t stay sober. They drink and black out, and then you can find their odd and bizarre photos online.

The Different Moods

The different moods

A Bunch of Creative and Artistic Pictures

Turkish photographer Murat Süyür is one skilled photomanipulator and he has a lot of imagination and humor too as you can see through his works.

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