Awesome Miniature Body Landscapes

Talented Artist Allan Teger,  uses the human body as his landscape and miniature toys as his subjects to Portray Beautiful landscapes and his Creative work as follows.

MadPals PicDump - Part 258

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World's 5th Oldest Tree Destroyed by Fire

Central Florida's 3,500-year-old 125-foot-tall (38 m) bald cypress tree known as "The Senator" was destroyed by fire. Police is looking for a person who did it.

What Do You See at First Glance

You might have seen most of these amazing illusions earlier on Acidcow but it's still an amazing selection of images.

How the Implants Are Manufactured

Photographer Benoit Tessier visited the French company Sebbin laboratories that manufacture silicone gel breast implants. The company uses the method of digital simulation of sizes and shapes and the structure of “ideal breasts.”

Hysterical Fridge Notes

Exceptionally Designed Computer Mice

In the present laser and optical wireless mice for computers are being produced in more than 50 companies around the world. Mouse, though probably the simplest part of a computer, is one of the most important. In our time, the computer mouse has the same common use, which once may have been reserved for a shovel or a pickaxe. We offer you a selection of the most brilliant computer mice designs found on the Net!

Funny Animals - Part - 147

Life in the Coral Sea

The exhibition is in support of the Protect Our Coral Sea campaign which is calling on the Federal Government to establish a large, world-class, highly protected marine park in Australia’s Coral Sea that will provide a safe haven for marine life and recognise its historic significance.

Demotivators Picdump

The Tiniest Camera in the World

The MAME-CAM, created by Japanese company Thanko, weighs only 11 g and shoots video and photos. The mini camera cost around $100. It shoots video in 640×480 resolution, pictures in 1,600×1,200 and records audio in mono quality. It has a battery life of about 36 minutes (when shooting video).

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

Walking While Texting Concept

Designer Bryan Brunsell hatched this easy, but potentially game changing idea. See how his idea could revolutionize the iPhone texting game.

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