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Houses on the bike for the nomad in you

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It might just be a crazy thing for you that some people do. These people literally live on their bikes; I mean in a house that is perched on the back of a tiny bike. And, they can take their houses wherever they go. Its like re-inventing the entire idea of mobile housing into something so innovative and minimalistic. In addition to this on the road minimalistic lifestyle, you are also benefitting the environment by not using petrol. Its just so inspirational, looking at things like these. It just tells me to get up and follow my dreams.
Pedal Powered RV, but just for one

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Completely human powered, this RV is half the size of normal cab-over camper. Designed by Kevin Cyr, this camper bike is truly amazing. Of course, what else would you ask for if your RV didn’t eat any fuel. This pedal powered camper is made for one and was designed in April 2008. Attached to a burly tricycle fame made to haul goods, the camper or the tiny house easily perches itself on the back of the bike. So, the next time you want to go out for some shopping take the home with you. And, the best part is that you can park it anywhere, when tiredness knocks at your legs.
Bike Motor-home

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This bike motor-home has been invented by homeless Brian Campbell. Living in Portland, Oregon, he has not only solved his homeless problem, but at the same time he has also presented to the world a vision of man-powered or we can say sustainable future. His vision to build this home was funded by BikePortland Readers, who raised $1,000 for the purpose.
Bike Trailer House

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Paul built his trailer home in the same way he likes to build toys like 3-wheeler bike. This house is designed to serve all the comforts that the traditional home is supposed to, except for the toilet. In addition, he has things like Solar food dehydrator screens, wind generatorSolar shower, Sleeping bag storage box and etc. etc. installed in this house. So, no wonder he looks so happy in his nomadic lifestyle.

Houses on the bike for the nomad in you (Part-2)

Tricycle Home

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Designed by Casey Wong, a Honk Kong based designer, this house was the best possible way to combat the rising prices of homes. It has a door, a writing desk and a fold out bed. 3 x 4 feet in dimension, this house gives him the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the ocean too.
The Dump Tramp: House Bicyclette

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Its literally a house on the move, as its nothing like towing a house with a bicycle. It’s a house bicycllete!

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