Creative Ideas of Glue Ads

These are some of the best examples of how you can make an interesting ad for a pretty boring and mundane product. Check them out.

Truly Hideous Kitchen Set

Sometimes Internet can really surprise you, make you feel real disgust down inside and leave you amazed at the same time. Like with this hideous kitchen set.

Echoes of War in the Lagoon

These are interesting underwater photos of reefs formed by military equipment drown during the war.

Festival of Lights in Berlin

Every fall Berlin is filled with a variety of projections and illuminations. This spectacular October event is known as the Festival of Lights. Inside this post, you are invited to an incredible ‘lightseeing’ tour.

People Are Being Cookies

Would you like to be a cookie? Dave Parker’s Crazy Cookies can really make it happen. Look what he did to others!

Kravitz Design – The Interior of Lenny Kravitz

“Design has always been a great interest of mine. Even as a child, it was very important as to how my room was arranged and what items were in it. When I started having my own homes, I found that many of the furnishings and accessories that I was envisioning for the space did not exist. So I began to make them myself.” – Lenny Kravitz

A Church That You Can See Through

These are photos of an amazing church that you can see through. The church is located in Hasselt, Belgium. It’s almost as if it is invisible if you look at it from the right angle.

A True Friend

These dogs can teach a lot of people what true friendship is.

Great Dane Lily is a six-year-old dog whose eyes were damaged by a health condition. Vets had to remove her eyes, and after this traumatic event Lily developed friendship with Maddison who is seven years old.

Hilarious Drunk and Wasted People

When it comes to drinking there are lots of people who don’t know their limits, and they all seem to have “friends” willing to snap photos of them at their most vulnerable. Check out these funny and opportunistic pictures.

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