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MadPals PicDump - Part 275

A Daily Dose of Funny & Amazing PicDump

Old Couch with a Snooker Table Hidden Inside

What a great couch.This sofa - an integral part of any male friendly gatherings. No wonder, because it is hidden an important secret.

Weird People at the Beach

You can see all kinds of weird people at the beach. Wearing revealing clothes, you can see all kinds of interesting things. It is incredible just how many weirdoes one can see on a hot summer day. Have you seen someone as weird as these people?

The Incredible Hulk Is Incredibly Constipated

Cats Sleeping In Weird Ways

Unless you are a feline, very small or really flexible do not try these sleeping positions at home. However, we can all enjoy these adorable kitties snoring away the day in seemingly uncomfortable positions.

Help, I’m Stuck

Whether it was their fault or not, these people, and animals, are basically screwed.

Japanese Manholes Rock!

Apparently in Japan manholes are treated as canvases for various art pieces. Other countries should definitely take note of this funky idea.

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