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Moving houses: Living on wheels! (Part-2)

•   Rolling huts

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Designed by Tom Kundig, Rolling huts are designed keeping in view the effect on environment. The mobile home is made from steel clad box that sits on a steel and wood platform that extends the structure with 240 square feet of covered deck space. The interiors are made with cork and plywood.
•   Moving wheel house

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Moving wheel house can be moved from place to place which allow having different views of the landscape. The Moving wheel house is one such dwelling which not only offers a shelter but also an opportunity to move from one place to other.
•   Derek’s home on wheel

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Derek’s home on wheels is a low cost housing which is not only affordable but also stylish dwelling for your contemporary living. The house looks stunning from its exterior and the interiors are well furnished.
•   Austria car house

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Looking at the downturn in the property and auto industry, an auto freak designs a housecar for residential purpose. The house features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house is reasonably priced and an amazing residence for the auto freaks

Moving houses: Living on wheels!

•   Raleigh house on wheels

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Raleigh house on wheels is an affordable and portable housing for an urban living. Well, does not have much to say about, but the house on wheels is certain to propagate a new lifestyle.
•   Martin-house-to-go

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The tiny house is designed by Julie Martin after Hurricane Katrina where they lost everything. A house on wheel is a long cabin which can be used for primary residence and even as a vacation home or a guest house. The portable house with the starting price of $29,900 is quite an affordable property to purchase.
•   Vodafone mobile home

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The Vodafone mobile home is designed by Waskman and Culdesac Studio not only to promote their wireless and fixed phone connections, but also is an elegant housing which comes with beautiful interiors. The house features the main living room, a kitchen station, dining space and other units and the upper floor comprises a low ceiling bedroom. The house is made from white polyethylene panels and transparent polycarbonate and runs on four wheels.
•   House on wheels

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The small house on wheels sits on a parking lot. However, its elegant architecture makes it an eye catching property that anyone will enjoy to live in.
•   Beverly Hill’s home on wheels

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The house is thought to have been owned by the Beverly Hill Billies. The house with the antique style architecture offers beautiful interiors and makes it a portable house to move anywhere.
•   Victorian home on wheels

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The house is built on the architecture based on the traditional style house. The house looks pleasingly appealing with its beautiful structural design which makes it look something different from the others.

Coffe Kiss Illusion

Hey everybody, look what I have just found. At first glance, this may look photoshopped, but it is actually a real sculpture! The author is Tsang Cheung Shing from Hong Kong. He created this installation for a pottery exhibition of “YingYeung” – a drink mixture of coffee and tea (very popular local drink in Hong Kong). The pottery, named Yuanyang II, is one of the collections of Hong Kong Museum of Art now displaying at the Central Concourse of Hong KongInternational Airport (HKIA). Tsang Cheung-shing is a ceramic art tutor and product designer. Yuanyang II is modeled in a distinctive form with two figures indulged in kissing each other. Their heads support two elegant cups for drinkingtea and coffee. The form and concept design fully complement the theme “Yuanyang” not only typical Hong Kongbeverage of mixing tea and coffee which was already mentioned, but also a symbol of marriage and love. Hope you liked this post

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Most Active Volcano

One other volcano on the planet erupts more frequently than Kilauea -Stromboli. Stromboli Volcano, off the west coast of southern Italy, has been erupting nearly continuously for over 2,000 years. Often called the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean," Stromboli produces spectacular incandescent explosions that have long attracted visitors.A typical eruption at Stromboli consists of several small gas explosions each hour, ejecting incandescent cinder, lapilli, and bombs to heights of a few tensor hundreds of feet.

Tephra is glowing red when it leaves the vent but becomes black and nearly solid before hitting the ground. Occasionally, lava flows may also be produced. Lava flows from Stromboli are typically less fluid than Hawaiian lava flows and thus are somewhat shorter and thicker. Because of the lower fluidity, it is harder for gas to escape from the rising magma. Gas bubbles become pressurized and burst at the top of the magma column, producing small explosions and throwing clots of molten lava into the air. When this type of eruption is observed at other volcanoes, it is referred to as "Strombolian".Volcanic activity is often classified by its resemblance to the type of eruption common to a specific volcano. Eruptions characterized by quiet effusion of fluid lava with low gas content and high temperature are called "Hawaiian". However, during some Hawaiian eruptions (such as the early episodes of the current Pu`u `O`o eruption), gas pressure in the magma propels lava high into the air. These lava fountains are not truly explosive and are best thought of as jets of incandescent lava shot into the air like water from a fire hose.Further examples of eruption types are Vulcanian (after Vulcano, Italy) and Peleean (Mt. Pelee, Martinique, West Indies).

Vulcanian eruptions commonly involve relatively cool, thick, gas-rich magma. This type of eruption usually begins with steam explosions that remove old, solid material from the central vent. A cauliflower- or mushroom-shaped cloud of ash, often with lightning within it, then develops above the vent. The eruption of thick, sluggish lava flows indicates the end of the eruptive cycle. Peleean eruptions are characterized by the formation of domes and powerful, glowing avalanches of hot ash and blocks that travel down the flanks of thevolcano.Another type of eruption, Plinian, is named for a person rather than a volcano, though which person may not be completely clear. Pliny the Elder was a Roman naturalist who died in the A.D. 79 eruption of Vesuvius volcano, while his nephew, Pliny the Younger, made detailed observations of the eruption. Plinian eruptions, like the Vesuvius eruption, are large, explosive events that send enormous columns of ash, pumice, and gas high into the stratosphere. Pyroclastic flows and extensive ash fall are usually produced during these events as well. Recent examples of Plinian eruptions include Mount St. Helens (1980) and Mount Pinatubo, Philippines (1991).Additional classifications of eruptions are based on the nature and scale of activity, for example, basaltic flood eruptions and gas eruptions. There are gradations between each type of eruption, and some volcanoes display more than one type of activity.Although Kilauea cannot lay claim to the title of most active volcano on Earth, it is indeed one of the most active. From at least 1823 until 1924, lava-lake eruptive activity was almost continuous in the summit caldera. Since 1924, only one interval of more than four years has separated eruptions - the 18-year quiescence between 1934 and 1952. The current eruption has been going on for over 19 years and shows no signs of stopping. 

China under water

Om Nom Nom!

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Funny Animals (part-1)

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