Surprise your friends!
Inside the post, you’ll find the instructions on how to find out how many sections there are in an orange,mandarin or lemon, before peeling it! Do you think this is not possible? Go to check out!


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Step 1
First, tear off the little thing which is indicated in the picture!

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Step 2
Under it, you can see tiny holes. Count them. After you have counted then you will already be able to tell how many sections the fruit has.
Thanks to these holes, the orange soaks juice into its sections!

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Step 3
Suggest a bet to your friend that you can guess how many sections there are in an orange before you peel it and... win it!

Ancient Citadel of Kalinjar, Banda dist., Uttar Pradesh

Ancient Citadel of Kalinjar, Banda dist., Uttar Pradesh

Kalinjar is one of the most characteristic specimens of the hill-fortresses, originally
 hill-shrines, of central India. Its antiquity is proved by its mention in the Mahabharata
Kalinjar means The destroyer of time inSanskrit. 'Kal' is time and 'jar' destruction. It is
 therefore a common belief associated with the Kalinjar hill that Lord Shiva had slain the
 god of time on it.

The hilly peak has several legends attached to it. Its origin being shrouded in mystery, not 
much is known as to when and by whom the fort was built on this holy hill, though modern
 historians conjecture that Bargujar Kings built it from A.D.150 to A.D.250 the fort contains
 Shiva temple of Neelkanth Mahadev Similar to the one built by King Manthandev Bargujar,
(a shilalekh/rock edict stands testimony to this fact,now inside Sariska Tiger Reserve ) confirmed 
by Col.James Tod in his classical ,"Annals and Antiquties of Rajasthan" 18th century British 
historian,and at Baroli near Rana Sagar Dam.Later the Bargujars were part of a much bigger
 Gurjara - Pratihara Empire in North India which was at its peak from 500 C.E. to 1150 C.E.. 
The fort was a unique monument of its time and had no parallel in any other part of the country 
in terms of sheer grandeur and artistry.

Its historical background is replete with numerous battles and invasions. The Hindu princes
 of different dynasties as well as the Muslim rulers fought hard to conquer it and the fort 
continued to pass from one ruler to another. But, except for the Chandelas, no other ruler 
could reign over it for long,Chandelas are also a branch of the Bargujars called Chandela 

It was besieged by Mahmud of Ghazni in 1023, and here the Pashtun emperor Sher Shah Suri 
met his death in 1545. Kalinjar played a prominent part in history down to the time of the 
Revolt of 1857, when it was held by a small British garrison. Both the fort and the town, which 
stands at the foot of the hill, are of interest to the antiquary on account of the remains of
 temples, sculptures, inscriptions and caves.

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Most Expensive Engagement Ring in India

Most Expensive Engagement Ring in India

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Couple Moments

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