What to Do in Winter if Your Car's Heater Doesn't Work

When Pascal Prokop from Switzerland bought this used ’90 Volvo, it had big problems with the heater. After a simple upgrade the vehicle became totally frost-resistant. Apparently, Swiss authorities don't mind.

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Memorable Mailboxes

Instead of having a boring run of the mill mailbox these people decided to build mailboxes that no one will ever forget. See which mailbox is the most original to you.

12 Creepy Eyelid Tattoos

Some people like getting tattooed and they pick all kinds of places on their bodies for a tattoo. What is so appealing about having a picture on your body and taking it everywhere with you? It might be a reminder of something or a fashion statement. These people have chosen an unusual place for that, their eyelids. Be prepared to see some of the creepiest eyelid tattoos ever.

Incredible Tangled Root Bridges

In the Indian city of Cherrapunji, Meghalaya sits these astonishing root trees that the War-Khasis tribe has been cultivating for centuries. These literal bridges are made from the Ficus Elastica rubber tree, which is able to grow roots above ground. Each bridge takes from 10-15 years to grow and some are over 500 years old.

The Most Funniest Football Fans

When attending a live sporting event it’s always best to look in the mirror first. Clearly these fans either did not look in the mirror or were going for full on crazy.

Hats Only a Mother Could Love

From the ugly to the downright bizarre, these hats are going to get their owners all kinds of attention.

Building Fails

A fresh compilation of hilarious building fails. Enjoy!

Two Hummers Got Stuck in Frozen Lake

In Hungary two Hummer H2 crashed through ice into icy water of Lake Balaton. It appears that the lake wasn't frozen enough for such big cars. Unbelievable but the second car crashed through ice while trying to rescue the first one.

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