He's not Handsome, but He's Rich

A 32-year-old Indian guy, Datta Phuge does not hold the statement that money can buy love to be true. But, you can definitely draw the attention of many women if you show you have much money. Since he's not handsome, but he's rich, he hired a team of 15 jewelers who worked 16 hours a day, during two weeks, making him a shirt out of gold. The pleasure of wearing the golden outfit, this man paid about 17 thousand euro. "I know I'm not the most handsome man in the world, but women find it difficult to remain indifferent to this kind of clothes. Shirt of gold has always been my dream" -he said. The shirt is coated with gold and made of white velvet, having Swarovski crystals on it and a golden belt. Well, you can say this is an original idea, especially in India.

What Woman Sees

Amazing Capilano Suspension Bridge

Amazing Capilano Suspension Bridge

Voices from Vancouver's past mingle with the sounds of nature, beautiful gardens skirt colourful totem poles, British Columbia First Nations artisans chisel legend into cedar and Capilano Suspension Bridge takes you to the serenity of a West Coast rainforest and Canada's award-winning Vancouver attraction, Treetops Adventure.

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