Unreal Structures Built in Secret

People can build incredible, unimaginable things. Chances are good that you passed something on your way to work this morning that would make our ancestors accuse someone of witchcraft. But we never stop to wonder what awe-inspiring creation someone could be producing right under our noses, because why would anyone build something impressive and keep it a secret? Plenty of usually insane reasons, it turns out.

Dr. Dyar’s Catacombs

Relics From The Soviet Russia

All things preserve the spirit of their age. It’s been 20 years since the disintegration of the USSR and life has changed greatly. However, people still keep relics from that time in their closets and storerooms. Once you gather them together, a piece of the past will appear. Photos by Alexander Sennikov contain everything: from working life of peasants to a regular life of the Soviet intelligentsia.

$9.9M Breathtaking Laguna Beach Home

Nestled on a hill overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, this gorgeous modern home is on the market for $9,995,000. With wall-to-wall windows, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a game room and a 3-car garage and is about 490 square meters, this beautiful dream house is beyond words. The master bedroom on the top floor is famous for its panoramic window with an overview of 180 degrees.

Some People Find Typhoon Exciting

While Typhoon Nesat hits the coastline of Manila, these Filipinos find it very exciting to get into the action. They are assholes to play with their life in such a dangerous way.

How Doo-Gooders Return a Wallet

The lost and found wallet has confirmed this guy’s faith in humanity. The whole story is very unusual, unbelievable and creative.

Human Kindness Captured in Pictures

If you were wondering where humanity has gone, take a look at these inspiring and heart wrenching photos of humans doing the right thing.

Awesomely Unique Carpets

Check out this collection of truly original rugs that make you look twice before walking all over them.

MadPals PicDump - Part 149

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Kids Draw Their Mothers

Children aged between 6 and 9 were asked to draw their mothers using photo reference. Here are the portraits compared to the original photographs.

Funny Animals - Part - 56

Daily Gifdump

Funny and WTF Quotes in Yearbooks

Funny and WTF Quotes in Yearbooks

Lucky Kitten

Amazing 3D Tattoos

While tattooing may be thousands of years old the ancient art has certainly has come a long way. Have a look at these incredible 3D tattoos. They look as if the object of the tattoo is lying on the skin rather being inked into it.

Demotivators Picdump

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

Don’t Order T-Shirts in China

A guy sent the URL of this image to Chinese online shop that makes T-shirt printing. He soon received his order. He was shocked by what he saw.

Flasher Exposes Himself to the Wrong People

Check out this poor sap’s attempt to shock a group of women, which ends up getting him more than he bargained for.

A Spanish flasher was strolling down the boulevard when he happened upon a group of attractive blonde tourists, so he decided to show them his goods. However, once he tried to get away the women chased him down and pinned him to the ground, because they were vacationing Norwegian police officers.

Girls Not Being Girls

This collection of funny, bizarre and unladylike girl pictures will have you wondering what has happened to the world’s young ladies.

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