Lego Art

When we were just children playing with Lego it was an accomplishment when one of us made a five-floor building. Through time we changed our technique and improved our motor skills. As a result to this development people are making much more trickier figures then they use to, such as cars and pianos. Take a look at this article and maybe you’ll get busy playing with Lego.

Frozen Waves

Myth or real fact!? See for your self. Take a look at this amazing photograph collection of  this beautiful nature phenomena. All images by Tony Travouillon were taken at the Antarctic base of Dumont D’Urville. Enjoy watching! Just smile 

Fabulous Paintings of a Total Amateur

Ukrainian artist Vladimir Moldavsky, although not a professional painter, has its own peculiar style in his paintings. His art, which is not a commercial, and it should be considered more deeply to understand the message, in the style of modern symbolism. Buckled shapes are often placed in unexpected places and in unexpected actions. They penetrate into the philosophy of life in a creative and imaginative way. Simply put, the art of Vladimir Moldavsky makes you think…



Man on a Bridge

Very Strange Tree

Yalta ‘remake’

After the Rain





Exquisite Corpse



For Vlad

Friday, 21


Mass Media


Something about Realty + Fuel

The Full Electrification

The Route

Unidirectional Contrast

Wrong Choice

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