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Creative Sofa Designs

Stuffed Animal Couch

Not sure what to do with all those stuffed animals your child has collected. Here’s an idea – a stuffed animal couch. This couch is displayed at Harrod’s – not sure if it is for sale – but a fun couch

Glow In The Dark Couch

Ever walked into a piece of furniture when it’s dark at night? Well don’t fret, just get yourself a glow in the dark air filled sofa designed by Mario Bellini for Meritalia. The couch is made of recycled fibers. How they are glowing in the dark? There is no info about it

Lego Sofa

Bekky is  lego inspired design. The modular rubberized foam pieces can be assembled into various sofa shapes.If you get tired of your Lego couch design one day, just rearrange the blocks and you have yourself a whole new couch.

Pixel Sofa

The Pixel Couch was designed by Royal College of Art graduate student Christian Zuzunaga and will be sold by Italian furniture company Moroso. No word on how much they’ll cost

Custom Car Sofas

These Classic Car Sofas are all metal body, original vintage pieces of unique Car Art, NOT fiberglass reproductions. The lights all work and these can be custom made in any colors you like

Cactus Sofa

Artists and designers get inspiration from a lot of things – even plants. Take cactus for instance. The freakily real green cactus-sofa above was used for an AXN-ad with the tagline “Relax if you can.

Colorful Puzzle-Piece Couch

Designed by Philippe Nigro in attached-unit sets, each plays the function of lounge chair, love seat and sofa combined – visually and physically connected-yet-separated

The Paper Cloud Sofa

Tokujin Yoshioka takes white paper, crumbles it a lot and voilĂ . He creates a crumpled sofa with a ‘paperness’ and fluffy cloud feeling. Believe or not the sofa is actually made entirely of paper. The sofa sure is interesting, and makes a good point on the current awareness of recycling

Lip Sofa

The Studio 65 Bocca Lip Sofa is a new and updated version of the original designed in 1972. It is produced of lightly textured red resin plastic which makes it perfect for both indoor or outdoor use.
Bocca came to international attention in 1972 with the new york exhibition ‘italy : a new domestic landscape’ at the MoMa – museum of modern art. Referenced in many books about modern design

Grass Sofa

How much oxygen did your furniture produce today? Wouldn’t you rather be sitting outside in the back yard, than indoors on your couch? Now you too can have the best of both worlds, and sculpt lawn furniture from the lawn itself

Flower Illusion

Which inner circle is bigger? Although it appears that the inner circle on the left is bigger, they are actually the same size!

Jazz Musician or Face Illusion

Is this an image of a Jazz musician, or of a female face? You decide on this Illusion

Jesus Illusion

Concentrate on the four dots in the middle of the picture for about 30 seconds. Then close your eyes, or look up toward the ceiling. Within seconds you will see an image. Continue looking at the image…What Do You See?? Is it a heavenly sign?

Sachin's Rare Collection !!!

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Ways to Say I Love You

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The Ugliest Dog in the World: Contest Winners

This is not a kind of contest you would like your dog to win. These are photos of the winners of the various contest for The Ugliest Dog. As you can see the competition is tough because there are some really ugly dogs out there (ugliest than I have ever dreamed of anyway).
Watching images of these ugly hell hounds is bound to give you nightmares (so please, proceed with caution through this image gallery). And may the force be with you.A

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