Chinese Family Lives in Abandoned Toilet

Many people who aren’t satisfied with their living conditions have probably never heard about one remarkable man from China.

Zeng Lingjun didn’t have enough money to pay for the college, so he moved to Shenyang – the biggest city in northeast China – and started to work as a cobbler.

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Burglar is Caught Red-Handed by a Vigilant Photographer

This story happened in Bristol, UK.
 Christopher Horn made quality pictures of a burglar fleeing the crime scene immediately after his son told him about someone breaking into the neighbors’ house. The police identified the thief from the pictures and sentenced him to five years in jail. His loot was £15, a laptop and a bunch of DVDs.

Photoshop Magic

See what Photoshop did for this girl’s image after she asked for something specific to be removed.

Prepare to Have Your Mind Altered

This collection of optical illusions will have your head spinning and your perceptions altered.

Public Signs: WTF?

War Can’t be Forgotten

Photos of the European streets combined with the pictures of the same places taken during the WWII. It’s hard to believe that it all happened not so much time ago.

I Don’t Need It…But I Really Want It.

There is definitely no need for any of this stuff, but you can’t put a limit on desire.

Cat Uses Prostheses to Walk

A cat from Britain lost his legs after an accident. Luckily, the owner bought it a pair of artificial limbs, which turned out to be as good as its own.

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