Alice in Wonderland Restaurant

The restaurant, designed by Fantastic Design Works and operated by Diamond Dining, catapults you into the bizarre world of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book. It is situated in a 2254-square-foot space that’s divided into various scenes from the 1951 animated film.

Go down the rabbit hole and you find yourself surrounded by some giant books. Playing card dining tables, a magic forest and heart-shaped chandeliers make this place the trip you’re looking for, without the need for those troublesome hallucinogens!

With Such a Smile, You Can Get Whatever You Want!

Photographer Martin Paul reminds us of how the child’s smile is beautiful and honest. Children always rejoice and love with all their heart; it might be something to learn from them…

One Photo Is Worth 1000 Words

These photography masterpieces can easily catch your eye.

Cowboy Monkeys

Cowboy monkeys always steal the show.

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