Amazing Autumn

These are some beautiful photos of autumn. Everything seems pleasant and slower in autumn. It is a wonderful time of the year.

Girls and Beautiful Nature

Woman Overcomes Huge Adversity

This beautiful and really strong woman has proven that potential weakness can be turned into strength.

How SMS Messaging Is Changing Our World


Stunning Subway Art

It’s cool when subway stations are decorated with 8-bit-style art, just like this one located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Incredible Industrial Landscapes

These photos of beautiful industrial landscapes were taken by Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. His landscapes are featured in museums all over the world.

A Tiny Village of Millionaires

Huaxi so-called New Village in the Sky is the richest Chinese village located in Jiangsu province, East China. There are 2,000 officially registered inhabitants, and each has his own house and at least $250,000 in the bank, and drives BMW or Mercedes.

Meanwhile in Australia

Creative Dog Grooming

The creative dog grooming is a new craze in America and Britain.

MadPals PicDump - Part 162

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Ten Gimmick Characters that Made Pro Wrestling Even More Ridiculous

Daniel Dockery wrote hilarious article for the Smoking Jacket. Like Pro Wrestling wasn’t ridiculous enough… Here are ten guys that actually managed to make it look even worse! Meet the top ten gimmick characters that turned this “sport” into a real mockery. If there was even the slightest bit of pro wrestling that remained serious and had some gravity, this mob of well oiled steroid-users in shiny costumes definitely destroyed it. Just look at the images below, they will tell you everything. My absolute favorites are the Killer Bees!

Fixing Image Errors

Girls, you will hate me for this post.

How Your Brain Messes with You


What You Can See in Walmart.

These photos will either break your heart or have you doubled over laughing. Fortunately for us some Walmart people just don’t know the difference between at home and out in public outfits.

Sweaters for Nerds

These are some very nerdy sweaters.

Daily Gifdump

Funny Animals - Part - 66

Demotivators Picdump

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

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