Amazing Vodka Lifehacks

Millionth Customer

I often do this too, but now I’ll think twice.

This Woman Owns a Really Unusual Business

Meet Julie Jackson, a woman who has found a truly unconventional way to make her living.

Julie makes wigs for pets. The cheapest wigs cost around $60 while the price tag of the most expensive can reach more than a hundred dollars. The woman’s company Kitty Wigs has been mentioned in numerous magazines and she’s even been a guest for several TV shows.


Parking Skillz

When Everyday Objects Come Alive.

It takes creativity and patience to turn food and random household objects into compelling scenes from life, and these amazing creations do just that.

Alcohol Can Give You Some Very Bad Advices

So true.

You Want to Go to the Maldives Villingili Resort and Spa

This 5 star destination sits atop the crystal clear ocean just off a gorgeous island. This vacation spot is a little slice of heaven on Earth.

Amazingly Handy Things That You Can Do With Everyday Objects

These mostly unexpected lifehacks involving things which can be found in every household may be huge timesavers and help greatly in solving tiny everyday problems.

MadPals PicDump - Part 346

A Collection of Funny and Amazing PicDump

Classic Sports Derps

Whether they are spinning in the air or chucking some sort of ball these athletes all managed to make some darn funny facial expressions.

Amazing Guerilla Marketing Ads.

Companies will go to great lengths to catch consumers’ attention and the following are impressive examples of extreme marketing.

No Money for Toys, Not a Problem…

These African children who don’t have toys revealed themselves quite creative in making some on their own.

Doing It My Way.

These intrepid people have no problem doing whatever they want in any given situation, no matter the consequences.

Park of animatronic dinosaurs opens in N.J.

A new family attraction featuring more than 30 animatronic dinosaurs opens Memorial Day weekend on 20 acres of woods and grass in Secaucus, N.J. There will be 31 types of life-sized dinosaurs displayed at the Jurassic expedition that opens Saturday, May 26.

OMG, Mind Blown

You will never guess her age.
According to the source, this girl is 18 years old…
I’m speechless…

Yes, These People Were Born.

Every time you think that nothing else can surprise you in this world, a new weirdo appears who proves that human craziness has absolutely no limits.

Vintage German Folding Car

The pictures here show how simple it was to build a car back in the days. All you had to do was to put together a light chassis and four wheels.

famous faces in the crowd : intricate artworks

Famous faces in a crowd: Intricate artworks see big screen stars recreated in paintings of dozens of tiny figures

That Awkward Moment When…

Awkward situations illustrated with animal pictures.

Amazing Guerilla Marketing Ads

A fine selection of the most inventive, unexpected and unconventional advertisements that all rely on imaginative ideas rather than on a big marketing budget.

the 4 laws of projects

Classic Video Games IRL

These curious pictures show characters from vintage video games in real life surroundings.

A Collection of Really Insane Mugshots

OMG, these pics make me think that we’ve got a bunch of criminal aliens at large, because the individuals portrayed here cannot be regular human beings.

He Has the Gift of Creating Hilarious Facebook Timeline

See these ridiculously cool timelines which this guy has been setting on his Facebook page within a couple of months.

WTF Pictures Compilation.

These bizarre, funny, and unique images will definitely make you scratch your head.

I Don’t Need It…But I Really Want It.

Further proof that our desires and wants frequently and easily win out over our basic needs.

Indian Grandmother is The World's Oldest Professional Sharpshooter

At 78, most pensioners are reliant on the glasses to even read a newspaper. But not Indian grandmother Chandro Tomar. With a £1,200 pistol in hand, and her sari draped over her long silver hair, it’s believed she’s the world’s oldest female professional sharpshooter.She has entered and won over 25 national championships across India as well as raising six children and 15 grandchildren.

Humorous Cartoons

World's Top Bubble Gum Blower

World's Top Bubble Gum Blower
It is really amazing as to how this man has managed to chew that much gum at once, but apparently
here is the winner of the World’s Top Gum Bubbles contest.

If I Could Use Photoshop IRL, I’d Be God

Angry Birds Theme Park in Finland

The popular mobile game developed by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment now has its own theme park called Angry Birds Land. It has been opened at Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere, Finland.

Crazy Pranks Collection

This set of gifs probably shows the silliest leg-pulls ever done to unsuspecting victims.

Facebook Employees Now Have Their Own Campus

While Facebook is a multi-billion corporation, its employees work in the most informal and comfortable atmosphere. Take a look at these photos from the new 57-acre campus in Menlo Park, California, which Facebook has moved to recently.

Must see: Quaint Amul ads in 2012

Road Travel Redifined

Road Travel Redifined

Is There Any Gaming Setup to Top This?

A Texas video games fan has turned his basement into what looks like a video game museum, with shelves of consoles, handhelds, rare game titles and of course, a customized seating in front of a big TV-screen.

Fast Food Sauce Prank

Playing this practical joke is a good way to check how strong your friendship with a particular person is.

What the Hell Is She Doing?

What the Hell Is She Doing?
Considering that this girl is smiling through this entire experience she must
be getting a lot of pleasure out of it.

One Chance Only

Carved Book Landscapes

Carved Book Landscapes

Awesome Unforgettable Childhood Memories

If you have Played this game.. You had an awesome Childhood

Hilarious Construction Fails

“Oops” is definitely the operative word when it comes to these failed architectural attempts.

Infrared Winter Photography

Paan Singh Coder...

Life Facts We Are Unable to Explain

Can anyone make it clear once and for all, why certain things are just like that?

China: Where the Weird Things Are

Sometimes you do have to travel around the world in order to find bizarre, unique, and incredible things, and China is just the place to visit for such stuff.
A tiger on a leash taking pictures with a baby

It's Not Normal. But on Catnip It Is

It's Not Normal. But on Catnip It Is
”It Is Not Normal” anti-meth ads parody. Catnip (called “Nip” on the streets) is dangerous.
So tell your cat “Nip: Not even once”.

Bet You Didn’t Know You Wanted These Products

These creative products range from funny to bizarre but once you see them you will be convinced you need them in your life.
Luggage Money Stickers

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