This Is a Real Miracle!

This story is way beyond awesome. Disabled athlete Monique van der Vorst was paralyzed from the hip down since the age of 13. She participated at the Beijing Paralympics and won 2 silver medals for handcycling.

MadPals PicDump - Part 219

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Chicks With Specs

There is something about glasses that make already attractive women even better looking. See four yourself.

I Blacked Out, I Think…

Drunk people are the perfect target for their friends to practice artistic and photography skills.

Unusual Thumb

Working as a paver and plant operator, James Byrne accidentally cut off his thumb. The attempt to re-attach it was unsuccessful, but the surgeons found a solution.

Mystic pictrs

Mystic pictrs 

Little Soap Flakes

This is a new way to say "No" to liquid soaps. Designer Nathalie Stämpfli created dispenser that turns block soap into flakes that are easily dissolved in water.

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This is Amazing and fascinatin​g !

This is Amazing and fascinatin​g ! Can there ever be anything more fascinating than God's creation?!

Funny Animals - Part - 115

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