Reasons That God Despises The South

Following the earthquake and hurricane on the East Coast some people were saying that God was punishing the area for supporting gay marriage. However, take a look at these infographs to see that God actually has it out for the South.

Natural disasters happen more often there

More people have diabetes

More people are obese

More people are depressed

More people are poor

More people have heart disease

More people have strokes

More people have cancer

Life expectancy is shorter

Southern cities dominate the least active cities list

A fire happened at a Chipotle there

Not one of the 25 best pizzas in the country are made there

Child beauty pageants

Billy Ray Cyrus


Beautiful 3D Illusions

“Night Express” is a Ukrainian company that delivers less-than-truckload cargo across the country. However, this company has an unusual hobby. It reminds passers-by of amazing fairy tales by creating beautiful 3D illusions in different Ukrainian cities. These illusions are very impressive!

Chinese Family Converts Truck Into 8.5sqm Personal Home

A young couple from China remade his truck into a real home on wheels. It turned out pretty good, only there are only eight and a half feet of living space.

Weird and Creative Car Tuning

Someone during tuning focuses on sound, setting a powerful sound system. Someone – in the comfort of their friends in the car and manages to arrange a real pool. Look.

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