Check This out – Chinese Fashion

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Chinese? The answer is obvious – they are misusing the condoms!

A Cynical Robbery in Broad Daylight

World's Fastest Crash Test

Ford Focus smashes into a solid concrete wall at 120mph (193 km/h). And this is the fastest crash test ever. Let's see the result.

Evolution of Cheerleaders

It’s cool to see how cheerleaders have changed since 1920s till nowadays.

Ötzi The Iceman

Ötzi the Iceman, Similaun Man and Man from Hauslabjoch are modern names for a well-preserved natural mummy of a man who lived about 5,300 years ago. 

The Best Computer and Video Games of 2011

This is a list of the winners of 2011 Golden Joystick Awards. Golden Joystick is the oldest gaming award ceremony in the world, where people vote for the best computer and video games of the year.

What the Iraq War Could Have Bought Instead

Instead of spending $2 trillion invading Iraq and staying there for over eight years the United States could have done much more with that money. See the kinds of positive impact that money could have made instead.

Some Oldies but Goodies

These are some reminders of the good old days.

Beautiful Flying Peacock

Peacocks can fly for short distances. They look so beautiful while flying. Check it out!

MadPals PicDump - Part 173

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

What You Text And What I See

Another meaning of Smileys in text messages. Watch out, people could see something totally different and out of context.

Awesome Examples of Money Face Mashes

Not a day passes by without a new internet craze starts up. Money faces are actually an old one, but there are still many followers. Here goes a list of some of the most successful examples of money face mashes. It’s amazing what people can do with a few bucks, a digital camera, and a healthy amount of boredom. I deeply believe that the best things happen out of boredom.

Daily Gifdump

Funny Animals - Part - 73

Demotivators Picdump

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

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