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Amazing events in pictures

The space shuttle Discovery is seen with Earth in the background as the shuttle 
approaches the International Space Station for docking

* 03.jpg (67.25 KB. 620x417 - viewed 5 times.)

A baby gorilla seems to be telling her parents "I wanna be like you hoo hoo", by beating
 her chest just like her dad. Alice the tiny gorilla baby stands on her hind legs mimicking her
 father, while being watched by proud parents JJ and Fredirika. The moment was
 caught on camera by Ron Magill at Zoo Miami.

* 04.jpg (35.29 KB. 620x620 - viewed 5 times.)

The traditional Columbine descends from Saint Mark's tower bell on an iron 
cable during the Venetian Carnival

* 05.jpg (62.49 KB. 620x442 - viewed 5 times.)

People dressed in carnival costumes pose along the Grand Canal during 
the annual Venice Carnival.

* 06.jpg (69.76 KB. 620x490 - viewed 6 times.)

A man was spotted holding the paw of his dog as the pair crossed a busy road in 
Nanning, capital of southern China's Guangxi Province. As they approached the road the 
dog was walking on all fours but when its owner paused at the kerb it stood up on its back
 legs and offered its paw.

* 01.jpg (136.8 KB. 620x620 - viewed 2 times.)

* 02.jpg (55 KB, 620x411 - viewed 7 times.)
A dog dressed in costume parades through the French Quarter during the Krewe of
 Barkus Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans

* 07.jpg (69.76 KB. 620x490 - viewed 2 times.)

Chihuahua licks a Siberian Husky during the Second National Canine Championship
 in Santo Domingo de Heredia on the outskirts of San Jose, Costa Rica

* 08.jpg (58 KB. 620x489 - viewed 4 times.)

Tokyo Sky Tree, which is under construction, tops the 600-metre 
(1,969-feet) mark in Tokyo. Already the tallest stand-alone communications tower
 in the world, Tokyo Sky Tree will stand 634 metres (2,080 feet) high upon completion.

* 9.jpg (104.41 KB. 620x620 - viewed 4 times.)

Two archaeologists recover a cannon that scientists believe may have
 belonged to British pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, at the mouth of
 the Rio Chagres off Colon, Panama. A team of archaeologists recovered 
six iron guns near the site where according to historical records,
 Morgan's flagship, the Satisfaction, ran aground in 1671.

* 10..jpg (32.91 KB. 620x620 - viewed 4 times.)

A group of Victorian ghosts are first in line as tickets for the London Dungeon's 
Vengeance - the UKs first 5D Laser Ride, which is set to open on 28th May - go on 
sale. Set in Victorian times, Vengeance at the London Dungeon will be a first for
 the UK and only the third 5D ride anywhere in the world. The ride combines high 
definition 3D film with fully immersive 4D special effects and the fifth dimension of 
rider interactivity in a fast paced laser shoot-out.

* 11..jpg (63.34 KB. 620x448 - viewed 3 times.)

An Egyptian goose attacks its reflection in Anish Kapoor's sculpture "Sky 
Mirror 2006" in Hyde Park in London

* 12..jpg (87.63 KB. 620x445 - viewed 3 times.)

Great Indian Banyan

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