They Can’t Be Serious?

Terrible craft ideas that prove that not everyone is artistic.
Studded butt pockets
Sit down and feel the burn!

Deformed foot cake

Awkward IDs and Licenses

Awkward IDs and Licenses

Eco-friendly Treehotel Is a Natural Heaven

For nature lovers, the Treehotel in Luela, Sweden is a “must-visit” travel destination. Designed by Scandinavian architects, the concept behind the five uniquely designed ‘treerooms’ is to offer top class accommodation to visitors whilst ensuring that the hotel maintains a minimal ecological footprint. Open year round, guests can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities within a private and tranquil setting. The rooms all sleep two people and the price varies according to which room you choose to stay in, with the most expensive costing $650 per night for double occupancy.

The Mirrorcube

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