The Glasses Make You Look More Attractive

These young fun loving gals were already boiling over with sultriness before they donned glasses, but now things have just got out of hand.

MadPals PicDump - Part 289

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Children Playing

Funny Passive Agressive Notes

A new selection of very polite and hilariously threatening messages, notes and signs left by people who had enough.

DIY Sexy Calendar for a Girlfriend

Meet the dude who knows perfectly well what girls like. Check out this sexy calendar which he made as a present for his girlfriend.

The Evolution of Famous Logos

Peer back in time to see how these recognizable brands have changed their logos and see what their future logos could become.

Some Great Snapshots in 2012

The majestic, and rarely photographed, sandstone formation 'The Wave' is located in the Coyote Buttes of Arizona.


The Best Way to Fight Balding

If you can withstand the temporary discomfort of a tattoo then you can take advantage of this permanent solution: hair tattoos. Created by Ian Watson after he began losing hair due to stress, the procedure is called MHT (Micro Hair Technique) Scalp Pigmentation. This procedure applies various pigment shades to the scalp in order to reproduce the correct shape, size and density of short hairs. Now Watson has HIS (Hair Ink Scalp) Hair Clinics popping up in both the UK and US where he charges $3,000 for the procedure, which is much less than the $40,000 hair transplants many people undergo.

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