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MadPals PicDump - Part 315

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Creative Business Cards

Business cards like these will definitely help you stand out against the background of less creative people, provided they won’t be confused with any other stuff.

Things to Do in the Office When the Boss is Out

The employees in this office found an amusing way to spend time when their boss left for a business trip. All they needed was a couple of marker pens, a whiteboard and a bit of imagination.

He Jumps All Over the World

This amateur photographer has traveled the world snapping pictures of himself doing flips, or jumping at the perfect time.

Difference Between Now & The 90's

Camping for the Rich

One can hardly imagine the rich going camping in the sleeping bags. And indeed, why bother if you can afford the glamorous camping tents shown in these pictures.

Sydney, Australia

It Takes All Kinds to Make a World

This world would be a boring place if it weren’t for people like this. Soak in the weird, but very entertaining people.

Amazing 118 Wallypower Yacht

Meet the Wally 118 Wallypower yacht. This technical wonder with a composite hull and black glass panels provides a unique combination of a luxurious interior and shapes of a special tactics vessel. The most expensive version of 118 Wallypower is propelled by three gas turbines with the total power output of 16,800 horsepower and its price is $33 million dollars.

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