Meet Einstein - The World's Smallest Horse

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Meet Einstein, The World's Smallest Horse
A pint-sized horse was born on 23rd April Friday, 2010 at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm, 158 Garland Road, Barnstead, New Hampshire, may be the smallest ever, his proud owners say. This pinto stallion, named asEinstein by his owners, Rachel Wagner and Charles Cantrell of Bellingham, weighing just 6 pounds and measuring 14 inches in height at birth. As the world’s smallest horse, the three-day old pinto stallion could be a record breaker. An application was already submitted by Wagner to the Guinness Book of World Records to see whether Einstein qualifies as the world’s smallest horse.

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Judy Smith said that the average newborn mini-horse is 21 inches tall and weighs 18 pounds and also said that in more than 20 years of raising miniature horses, she has never seen one so small. The current world record held by Thumbellina, a chestnut mare was born 11 inches tall and 8.5 pounds in 2001 near St. Louis. Now, she stands 17.5 inches tall and weighs 58 pounds.

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Co-owner Rachel Wagner said that “It’s the miracle in Barnstead.” No signs of dwarfism are seen in Einstein, says another co-owner, he is just a tiny horse: “This little guy is like all horses, he’s almost all leg.” Wagner doesn’t know if the size of the horse is decided by height or weight, and was unsure whether the horse must be measured when fully grown. A family practice physician, Wagner lives with husband Charles Cantrell, a live entertainment producer, in Bellingham, Wash. The couple spends their summers at a house in Gilmanton.

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On Smith’s farm, 10 and 15 tiny horses are born each year. Electronic devices are attached to pregnant mares by Smith and her husband Larry and a beeper goes off at their bedside when the horse lays down in anticipation of giving birth. On Friday, at about 3 a.m the beeper went off as Einstein’s mother, said by Smith. Then, she stayed by his side for four hours after his birth to make sure he would be okay.

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It is asked by Cantrell that if the horse was for sale, decided immediately to buy it as a gift for his wife. Cantrell’s wife is a family practice physician who owns a number of horses at their Washington home and rides them in equestrian equitation competitions.

At Tiz a Miniature Horse Farm, 48 miniature horses are there and on 8th May they will hold an pen house, a day when children and adults get to visit and interact with the mini-horses.

Unusual Mummified Animals

Amazing & Unusual Mummified Animals
The ancient Egyptians mummified animals as well as humans. Animals of all kinds were important to the Ancient Egyptians, and featured in the daily secular and religious lives of farmers, craftsmen, priests and rulers. Animals were reared mainly for food, whilst others were kept as pets. The bodies of sacred animals and some pets were often mummified and given elaborate burials.

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Baboon harbors a secret that helps identify it as a pet: An x-ray revealed missing canine teeth, probably removed to keep the creature from nipping royal fingers.

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A queen’s pet gazelle was readied for eternity with the same lavish care as a member of the royal family. In fine, blue-trimmed bandages and a custom-made wooden coffin, it accompanied its owner to the grave in about 945 B.C. Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

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Lovingly preserved, a hunting dog whose bandages fell off long ago likely belonged to a pharaoh. As a royal pet, it “would have been fed nibbly bits and spoiled rotten,” says Salima Ikram. When it died, it was interred in a specially prepared tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

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A raptor with an appliqu├ęd face holds only a few bones.

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Votive mummies, each buried with a prayer, are infinitely varied but not always what they seem. A cunning crocodile is a fake—it has nothing inside.

Ruby Dickinson May Be Youngest Tattoo Artist

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Ruby Dickinson is only three years old but she is already marking her mark in the world – with tattoos. The ink-credible Welsh toddler could become the world's youngest tattoo artist, according to published reports.

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At an age when most kids only think about playground swings, Ruby takes tattoo lessons after nursery school. She also practices with a toy kit in her father's tattoo shop.

Ruby "really loves" learning tattoo art, according to proud papa Blane Dickinson.

Mr. Dickinson has ordered an American-made ink gun specifically designed for small hands. The kit will be a present for Ruby's fourth birthday in October. That's when Dickinson hopes to break Canadian Emilie Darrigade's record of tattooing part of a butterfly on her father's arm at the tender age of five.

Dickinson told the North Wales Pioneer newspaper : "Ruby is well aware she is getting the kit, she cannot wait. She wants to be a tattoo artist when she grows up."

Right now, Ruby is weeks away from being able to draw a complete spider on his right leg, The Sun reported.

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"The aim is to get her to tattoo my leg with a birthday message for my 40th birthday," Dickinson told theNorth Wales Pioneer.

However, Dickinson, who has tattoos over 70 percent of his body, doesn't expect a very elaborate design. Blane, 36, said, "I'm under no illusions that she'll do a Van Gogh, after all she's only three-and-a-half."

Although he hopes Ruby will make tattoo art her career, he told the North Wales Pioneer he will allow the little girl to make her own choices

Amazing Substitution of Sketch to Pictures

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Amazing Substitution of  the Sketch to the Pictures
At the service Flickr has recently shone an interesting artist-photographer Ben Heine with fotosetom Pencil against the cameras. " The idea is not original, original version - the substitution of the sketch to the picture. There's not just need to know how to shoot, we must be able also to draw.

Add some pencil drawings to your favorite photos and you will create a world of fantasy. Such “yummy” and creative pictures can easily become a new art form 

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the best of nat geo

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Chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis antarctica) ride out
high surf on blue-ice icebergs near Candlemas Island
in the South Sandwich Islands

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For trees that grow on mountaintops near Cape Town,
South Africa, wind can be a magnificent sculptor.
Trees that can handle the wind's effects
best will alter their shape to deal with the load of the wind.

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Silhouetted by the sun, the Hand of Fatima rock formations
near Hombori village stretch toward the sky in Mali.
The tallest tower rises 2,000 feet (610 meters)
from the desert floor. Lore has it that the formations'
name stems from the five towers' resemblance to a hand
from the sky.

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Erosion's force becomes clear in these limestone cliffs
in Port Campbell National Park, Australia.
About five million years ago the area was a
limestone plateau, but as sea levels rose the effects
of surf and rain began to carve out these
magnificent cliffs, along with stacks and arches

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A storm passes over Yellow Mounds Overlook in South Dakotas
Badlands, casting light and shadow below. Although
the regions name derives from the Oglala Sioux

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Travertine chimneys near Lake Abbe, Djibouti,
were created by hot springs depositing
calcium carbonate the same process that creates stalactites
and stalagmites. Some of the formations reach
165 feet (50 meters) near the lake located
on the Ethiopia-Djibouti border.

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A thick blanket of snow covers West Thumb Geyser Basin
in Yellowstone National Park. There are more
geysers in this park than anywhere else
in the world.

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Towers of salt and a riverbed colored by crystallized salt
create an otherworldly landscape in Ethiopias Danakil Desert.
Sitting more than 300 feet (90 meters) below sea level,
with temperatures reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit
(49 degrees Celsius), local inhabitants prize the
Danakil for one thing: its salt deposits.

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A deep gorge drops some 650 feet (198 meters)
near the abandoned city of Araden, Crete. Visitors
can descend into the gorge and walk a little
more than 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) to the Mediterranean Sea.
In addition to magnificent scenery, the gorge provides
a 2,460-foot (750-meter) descent to the sea.

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Towering in close symmetry, these basalt
columns near Fingals Cave form the base of the
Scottish island of Staffa. The columns formed
when cooling lava flows met bedrock and the regions
cold weather. The island contains three main caves.
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