Stylish Photos of Gorgeous Japanese Women

This collection of artistic glamour shots will not only impress you with its style, but the hot models are more than worth checking out.

Extreme and Wet Wedding Photography

Most brides like to keep their treasured wedding dress clean and unsoiled, but these ladies decided to head in the opposite direction. Captured in powerful and artistic scenes and poses, these unique wedding photos could inspire future brides or completely freak them out. This style is known as trash the dress.

Incredible Magic Mountain Like Chilean Hotel

Located in Patagonia, Chile and right smack in the middle of the Huilo-Huilo biological reserve, this Magic Mountain hotel has stunning architecture that will blow any other hotel out of the water. Boasting a waterfall cascading down the side of this uniquely shaped hotel and a narrow swinging wooden bridge high in the air, this Middle Earth like lodge will have most visitors feeling like they have been transported into another time.

Slicing The Steel

Korean sculptor Park Chan-girl constructs metal sculptures from thin metal layers he calls “sliced images” that resemble three dimensional topography charts. He also meticulously welds thousands of small steel nuts into a delicately textured skin, moulding it into human and animal forms.

Steve Jobs Fanart

Steve Jobs – American business magnate and inventor. He was a co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple. Steve died from respiratory failure leaving many fans behind. This is their tribute to him…


Photographers were asked to pick one of their photos they shot in Afghanistan. Here are those images.

Unique Visual Art Collection

Visual artist and graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong created these gorgeous and truly unique art pieces. Using everyday objects and scenes, but with bright colors, Hoong is able to create compelling images that make you stop and take notice.

Impressively Flexible 67-Year-Old Man

This is the story of a man who has made the impossible and achieved great results in the sport, despite the fact that he started yoga when he was sixty years old. He learned mostly from books and television shows.

Magnificent Bird’s Eye View Photos of Paris

While visiting Paris on the ground is an amazing experience wait until you see the sites from high in the sky. These stunning bird’s eye view images capture a unique perspective of the world-renowned city. These photos were taken by photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand.

MadPals PicDump - Part 164

A Dily Dose of Funny PicDump

Incredible India

Altering Celebs

We are all used to seeing photoshopped pictures where people resize their ‘atributes’, but someone among us used it completely different, to make us all laugh. I really bet you’ve never thought of this!

Ladies.... Please Note

We cant play ‘Color Color’ with you people.  It’s a Fact !!.  ;-))

Who paid

The Pecker Protector 3000

Winter is knocking on our door, better get ready! Protecting the vital spots on your body was never easier than with Pecker Protector 3000!

The World According to India

Dog Vs. Bubble – The Ultimate Fight

The ultimate fight is on – ferocious dogs are storming right on the enemies, those unsteady and shifty bubbles that no one can count on. They well deserve what is coming upon them. Here are some of the most dangerous moments from this bloody struggle. I have to warn you, you’re scrolling on your own responsibility, the images are quite explicit and excessively cute.


Historical Figures’ Cleverest Verbal Retorts

Some of history’s most well known figures also had a knack for clever and witty comeback lines. See which people had a sharp tongue that tended to cut any person willing to verbally challenge them.

Calvin Coolidge Vs. Some Random Lady At A White House Dinner

Another Botox and Silicone Disaster

Once again a woman tries to look like a celebrity by getting lots of work done on her face. This Moscow born lady is really strutting her stuff in these photos. Her exact age is unknown but she is definitely going for a younger look. Did all of the botox injections somehow increase the size of her head too? What was she thinking when she went to the doctor?

Daily Gifdump

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